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Delegates Please note: "RNC to Squeeze Welcome Party Before Isaac." Tropical Storm!


This is considered a 'Tropical Storm' and here is the track update, "better for Florida." Also, a 'change in direction." Heavy wind 40 mph. to 65 mph


Be safe and if you can get to the RNC, please do your best to be attend. The above video says it will start Sunday at 5.

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Hurricane Paul...

It's comin' to getcha!

Here's 40 - 65mph winds...

...Just like the weather in Maine that shut down the Caucus - it ain't enough to STOP Americans from ... [fill in the blank]


It'll probably be a squeeze voting party!

I think delegates should absolutely attend!


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What heroes these delegates are


Attend and nominate the only man who is for the people!

Tell everyone!