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Will there be a quorum at the convention?

Call me crazy and so far this is just conjecture, but....

I ask this because I went to my last RNC central committee meeting and they were asking how many delegates were planning on attending and from the hands being raised I'd say the majority said they were not attending. So the delegates were instructed to make sure their proxy forms were signed and properly filed.

So I thought can they really use proxy voting at the convention? Well the answer is yes!! The RNC rules for the convention allow for proxy voting.

But here is the crazy part, the number of proxy delegates are not allowed to be used in counting the numbers needed for a quorum. A quorum requires physical bodies to be present. Am I wrong?

So Romney may have the needed votes (physical delegates + proxy) for winning the nomination 1,144, but will all those bodes actually be there? Think about it, a lot of these people that are delegates are regular people with jobs and lives and in a state like California where there is no contest on the delegation and many of them thinking that Romney has the nomination locked may be choosing not to attend and instead are using proxy voting.

Is Romney paying for all his delegates to show up?

In California there are 172 delegates, how many are actually going to be there? Just in my county, the majority looks like they won't be showing and are leaving it up to their proxy.

How many states are sending proxy delegates??

What is a quorum for the national convention?
Without being able to find a firm number I figured it would be 1/3 of the total delegation which is 1,532. So we would need 1,532 physically present voting delegates?

Think of all the Santorum and Gingrich delegates, are all of them going to waste their money going to the convention to vote for Romney or are they more likely going to sign a proxy vote form??

If we are having issues getting all our delegates to the convention how many are going to be missing from the other canidates?

Do you really think 2,286 delegates are going to physically show up and be ready to vote? Do you think that there will be 1,532 of them there to make up a quorum (what will make up a quorum)?

I know for a fact that Romney has a lot of proxy delegates from my county. If Romney was having a hard time just getting people out to vote in caucuses how many dedicated people with cash to go to the convention are there.

Since I've never been to a convention and don't know all the rules is this even a possibility?

Someone with better knowledge tell me what's up with this. It's just ever since I heard that word proxy at my local central committee meeting this has been festering in my head and since I'm not the best at understanding these rules I have no way of figuring out if I'm completely wrong on this.

Anyway let me know.

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so did we maintain a quorum the whole time?

if so , how did they determine that?

how many delegates are needed to form a quorum???

does anyone know? Is it 1/3 ?

I find this question fascinating. if anyone knows please post!!

(are the rules at the RNC diff. than say the rules at the state level? or county?