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Live blogging at the Sun Dome

12:40 - Lew Rockwell speaking about Ron Paul challenging the IRS, Drug War "Ron position is that we the people should have all privacy and the Government should have no privacy" "Ron Paul opposes militarism and wants to bring the troops home all of them" biggest round of applause so far today.

Everyone chanting Lew as he entered and left the stage

12:52 - Walter Block plugs his new book his love letter to Ron Paul "Yes to Liberty" he then calls the media pundits In the MSM ignorant savages. He then calls for Ron Paul 16 as he will be a young 80 yrs old. He then discusses in great detail about a pro life position. Some of the crowd is yelling end the fed and Ron Paul while Block makes his points. He is expressing that we are not just a political movement but an intellectual one too speaking to this booing him.

1:11 - Butler Shaffer talks about the Goldwater years that there were so few Libertatarians that they all knew each other. " He Ron is anything but a contradiction at least he has integrity." Shaffer gets huge applause after saying"People who think we should go back to FDR Reagan Clinton just don't get it" he then goes on to describe Ron Paul's appeal to the people which he calls speaking truth to the powerless this not in power. Then he discusses Bradley Manning support by Ron Paul people as a testament to speaking truth.

Tom Mullen from The Washington Times just leaned over and said "imagine this compared to a Romney rally, so far the first three speakers Ron Paul has speak are Libertarian philosophers"

1:34- Jordan Page comes out and charges up the crowd yelling Ron Paul. Starts out singing Light of the Revolution.

1:53 - Barry Goldwater Jr he describes Ron Paul kindness and generosity. He speaks about conservatism and his father's message. He states that the people hold the flame of Liberty and closes by saying I take a grain of salt, lick of lemon and a shot of tequila. Crowd roars.

2:05 - Jack Hunter starts out saying 'The Republican party better start listening to Ron Paul' he then attacks Santorum on that the Republican party is not Libertarian "Rick Santorum doesn't know what the hell he is talking about" crowd screams in agreement. He goes after Bush years and his big government. 'Ron Paul and his ideas are the conservative movement' crowd bursts out chanting Ron Paul Ron Paul. About the left right 'Simply hating the other side is childish and useless'.

2:22 - Ashley Ryan talks about the delegate battles and the new added Rule 12. She says" the chairman gets whatever the chairman wants. What happens when they can bend the rule however they want." "the rules destroy the integrity of the Republican party....no matter the outcome the war doesn't end here" "I say we all make a commitment to get involved and stay involved on a local level"

2:39 - Marianne Stebbins describes the spontaneous growth and gatherings of Liberty people and the changes from this small percentage where ideas are succeeding noting the Federal Reserve audit. She points out our goal is not political power our goal is to change the hearts and minds of people.

3:21 Justin Amash spoke out against Obama and his kill list his assassination of Americans the NDAA and the fight to keep the Internet free. The dome was very loud during his speech with cheers.

3:45 John Popper of Blues Traveler with Ron Noyes they dedicate the song Run Around to the MSM. The Sun Dome is rockin as Popper plays the harps. Catch this on YouTube if you missed it on CSPAN. Popper just said "i have played several political events and this one is the most satisfying because you guys care so much" he called himself a Libertarian and then finished out with his hit Hook.

Doug Wead has been a great host all day.

4:03 Jimmy Vaughn - mic wasn't working and the crowd started chanting President Paul while the grip fixed the mic. The room is filled with incredible rythyms from Vaughn's band stand up bass, saxophone then trombone leads not to mention the man and his guitar - in a Swinging intro tune, Paul supporters are jitterbiugging in the aisles. His next song the corus "down with big brother" "it's all about Liberty"

4:12 Doug Wead narration video about the campaign trail his thoughts on the dedicated staff the maltreatment by the media dismissing Ron Paul. This short documentary shows never before seen footage of the last 15 months. Wead continues on the advancement of the monetary message and light on the Central Bank Federal Reserve system. A powerful clip with Ron asking a pundit "why don't you want somebody who stands on principle?" sweet montage of Dr. Paul being a true representative Ian DC. He talks about the Rand Paul election and his fight against the Republican establishment.

4:24 Aimee Allen crowd standing and singing along in the explosive Ron Paul Revolution song. It's loud LOUD everyone shouting Ron Paul. Shameless plug for my latest interview with my good friend Aimee http://dailypaulradio.com.... Everyone singing Ron Paul Start a Revolution Break Down Illegal Institutions!!! This is fantastic. REVOLUTION!

4:30 Carol Paul talking about her husband she tried talking him out of running for congress because not everyone likes a politician, Dr. Paul's reply "I don't want to be a politician I want to be a statesman. They have been married 55 years.

4:34 Debbie Hopper emotional talks about Carol Paul - that she and Ron sacrificed their retirement years. Presenting Carol Paul with the "First Lady of Liberty Award". Carol Paul thanks everyone for coming to the event saying "WE are the future" she then introduces their family of children and grandchildren. They are about to have their 19th grandchild :) she also mentions some of the family that couldn't make it because of little league (cute). She then presents Senator Paul.

4:44 Rand Paul Sun Dome spontaneously chants Paul 16 Paul 16. He begins with abolishing the TSA very funny attacks on the illegal searches at the airport. Goes on to talk about audit the fed passing in the house "we have 29 co-sponsors in the Senate" he calls out Harry Reid "end the fed" chants from the supporters. Paul then says " we've talked about audit the fed but now we need to audit the Pentagon". "when you read sermon on the mount it doesnt say blessed are the warmakers" he reflects on the blowback moment in 2007. His favorite Ron Paul moment is when his dad said "we just marched in we can just march out!

4:52 Ron Paul WOW the place is electric goosebumps everyone cheering yelling smiling jumping up and down! LOUD! Rabid supporters thunderous stomping on the bleachers. Dr. Paul in his best form talks about the hit pieces saying the revolution will not happen in Tampa due to weather his response "you wish!" he recognizes the delegates their hard work and understanding of the rules. He challenges the standing philosophy of government crowds chants President Paul. "we went to 33 college campuses, close to 150,000 young people" he talks about the "GOP big tent" that WE will become the tent. There will not be a revolution without the campuses involved in and understanding Liberty. "seems to me that they would be begging and pleading for us to come into the party". He refers to 1984 as a warning of what could come but that many read it and thought it was a business plan for politicians lol.

Ron Paul talks foreign policy and his support from the military. He begins to talk about the metals to make a penny that DC is asking can we save the penny. His response is "can we save the dollar".

He talks repealing Dodd Frank and Sarbanes Oxley. Then he says "we are at the end of an era...1913 was the beginning of an era...guess what? That era is over...and we're going to get rid of the Federal Reserve" crowd just went nuts end the fed end the fed end the fed!

Paul speaks of a hopeful future without the possible fascism communism and socialism because to many people are awake. He talks about globalization failing. Advancement of failed policy Project for New American Century the neocons are loosing steam. Failed foreign policy as he says shows that a majority wants to bring the troops home. The facts of life is we can't afford it anymore. Wise up and take care of ourselves and stop policing the world (sun dome explodes in cheers)

Paul "if we sole this problem we solve most of the others, that one is the attacks on Liberty" "you have the natural rights to keep the fruits of your labor " "be able to drink raw milk, grow hemp, not have the government spy on you...no longer have the government in the business of protect you from yourself"

He continues on drug war attacks on personal liberties. The importance of intellectual freedoms with the first amendment and the Internet.

Congressman Paul warns of the severity of our present economy. Discussing the inflation vs. income.

He pushes back on those who criticize that if he was in charge Bin Laden would still be alive he replies "if we were in charge the 3000 people who died on 9/11 would still be alive" he goes on to talk about Obama assassinating Americans and indefinite detention.

Ron Paul calls out the other politicians who never read the bills and never used the Constitution to vote. He is pointing out the importance of whislteblowers mentioning Bradley Manning and Julian Assange..

"in a free society don't give up your right to own precious metals and don't give up your right to defend yourself"

His overall message is that we can turn everything around!

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Thanks Kurt

Wish I could have been there, his speech was fantastic!

What good is Freedom of the press, if the Press will not Press For Freedom? - UR


Ask not what your government can do for the people, ask what can the people do for the people. - UR

I was again disappointed in

I was again disappointed in CSPAN, though I probably shouldn't have been, at their "former presidential candidate for 2012" description of Ron Paul. Do they not know that he is still running. Are they just stupid or what. Or are they also just bought and paid for mass media puppets participating in the entire charade. In doing so they only make themselves look bad. But, clueless they remain, I guess.

This is aimed at the delegates.

A thing to remember about the media is that, while they get some of their political power from persuading and deceiving the public, most of it comes from creating illusions - usually about the public's opinions - in the minds of the government officials stuck in DC and the state capitols.

In this case, though, the target of opportunity would be the delegates and other officials at the Republican Convention. Particularly non-Ron delegates, who aren't connected to the Ron Paul support network. These are the people who could abort Romney's candidacy by voting for Ron, someone else, or abstaining in the first round, opening the convention. If a voting delegate, even one who opposes Romney, is persuaded that Ron (the only opponent with a chance remaining) is out and/or Romney's nomination is otherwise a done deal and there's nothing to gain by opposing it, he's likely to vote for Romney (to preserve his own place in the GOP structure and earn a small favor).

Convince enough that it's a done deal and it will become a done deal. Then the left-wing media gets Romney - and easy target - and the Romney-owned and other neocon media also gets Romney - the guy they wanted - and can continue to slow the spread of the Liberty meme by marginalizing Ron and its other spokespeople.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

The things i noticed about C-Span

They didnt "lose" the feed with Ron Paul when he was talking about NDAA like they did with Justin Amash.

I did see the "former 2012 presidental candidate"

Plug at end said "For more info: RonPaul.com"

"Former 2012 Presidential Candidate"

That is what CSPAN has labeled under Ron's name. You all know what to do blast them. Get on the horn and interweaves and remind them he is still a candidate.


Watching RP speech...Cspan has got to be purposely looking for and finding the most disengaged people in the Dome - they make me sick....jerks!


Cameraman probably don't get it.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Crowd is standing and loudly

Crowd is standing and loudly cheering as Dr. Paul says we call out government. "I have a soft spot for whislteblowers"

Cyril's picture


Thank you Kurt. Keep the update coming!

For Liberty.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Thank you!

I appreciate this blogging of events. I am now watching live on C-Span. What a GREAT DAY!


Thank You Kurt!


bigmikedude's picture


for ya Kurt.

Thanks Mike!

Thanks Mike!

good job

thanks for live blogging the event. It rings true. Appreciated.

Thanks Diane!

Thanks Diane!

your welcome!

Thanks again for providing the play by play of the rally. I enjoyed reading it.