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A Wasted Opportunity for Our Movement

Maybe now somebody will listen to why the original planners left?


The Ron Paul supporters and Liberty loving friends deserved so much better than this. This was a perfect time to set aside egos and realize that this was the time to bring new blood into our movement. Opportunities like this only come once every four years.

But not to worry because Liberty Avengers is here to pick up the pieces. Register at www.LibertyAvengers.com and in the months to come join us in unifying the Liberty Movement. We will never give up!

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"Ron Paul gathering in Tampa draws sparse crowd"

Organizers had initially hoped 40,000 would attend the three-day event, but are now hoping for 5,000, attributing the smaller numbers to Paul throwing his own rally on Sunday and the possibility of inclement weather.

Emphasis added to clarify the difference between the two events.

Link to article here: http://articles.latimes.com/2012/aug/24/news/la-pn-ron-paul-...

They blew the whole thing

They blew the whole thing when they scheduled Johnson to speak. That's the point people decided to blow it off.

Blessings )o(

Johnson Fest flopped

Ron Paul's rally had to use overflow. Seems most can tell the difference between the real deal and a CFR trojan horse

Liberty Avengers?

Just copying C4L, what's that going to do except divide people yet FURTHER.


As far as P.A.U.L. Fest goes, they were not grassroots, they were a for-profit operation looking to turn a buck and made a SHI*-POOR decision to go up against an even by Ron Paul.

And that's what happens in the free market these libertarians claim to support, bad decision making is BAD for profits.

PAUL Fest was great

And you're wrong: Bentonfest was scheduled after grassroots people had been working on Paul Festival for months.

PAY-triots are not "grassroots".

They're there to make a buck for themselves. The grassroots are leading a revolution and not looking to profit, but looking for posterity to profit.


Ron Paul scheduled his event

Ron Paul scheduled his event over Paul Fest, not the other way around.