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Jesse Benton or Adam Kokesh?

UPDATE: Jesse got one vote and Adam got one vote. I, on the other hand, got negative 12 votes for posting this. So while there is no clear winner, it looks like I'm the loser :)

hypothetical question that is just for fun:

Who would you trust more with your life in their hands?
A. Jesse Benton
B. Adam Kokesh

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When Ron Paul ran for

When Ron Paul ran for president as Libertarian in 1988 I had the chance to attend a candidate forum he attended. He was asked if he had to chose-- who would he trust more-- the Republicans or the Democrats. He responded by saying that he places his trust only in the Bible and in his Savior Jesus Christ. The moderator responded by by saying his understanding was that Dr. Paul did not believe religion had any place in politics. Dr. Paul quipped back, "Are you telling me trust does?"

I suspect Ron would say the same thing about who he would trust his life with. Jesus told us he is the way, the truth, and the life. The first chapter of John makes clear there is no life apart from Jesus who has been the source of life for everything that has life from the beginning.

I stand with Ron Paul in only trusting my life in the hands of my Savior Jesus Christ.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

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HERE IS all I have to say

HERE IS all I have to say on this.

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I choose... *drumroll*


"Just for fun"? Dividing the Liberty movement is fun?

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don't know,

ask jesse.


Adam Kokesh :)

Ron Paul

Silly, I choose Ron Paul.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.



If I find a campaign with Benton in it, I will not donate PERIOD!

Me neither. You can add John

Me neither. You can add John Tate, Trygve Olsen and Doug Wead to that list too.

Doug Wead has been nothing

Doug Wead has been nothing short of sincere in his efforts for Ron Paul. He apologized for not finding Ron Paul sooner and believing the neocons he worked for. He has lost work and money because of his Ron Paul association. He has been black balled by the media and ambushed at interviews, YET he still gives a glowing interview of Ron Paul and the movement. Im no Benton, Kokesh, Tate or Olsen fan, but Doug Wead is not like them. Nobody is perfect, its admitting you were wrong and taking a new path towards liberty that matters in my opinion.

Doug Wead is


No need to run him down.

Kokesh would look out for his buddies.

Benton would be on look out for an opportunity to sell you out.

Trust yourself.

Jesse Benton made over half a million through his involvement in the campaign. Did immeasurable damaged and squandered opportunity. He'll have to live with that.

But, we need to be individually responsible for advancing the message in our own family, neighborhood, community, city, state, region, and country.

Oh no

He made more than half a million. My suspicions is a few million at least. Perhaps several million. He smells.

Keepin' it real.

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yes, let's discuss people some more!


let's add a people tag, need to talk more about people--

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touche. it's sorta ironic


it's sorta ironic that that is what started getting me worked up in the first place.

I agree with Ron Paul...

...and would trust Benton.

Kokesh, though perhaps well-intentioned, is a loose cannon.

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Benton gave

Ron Paul rotten and selfish advice that was not objective in the least. He's looking for a job with Willard's campaign as it appears.
Ron and clan prolly know nothing about Benton's selfish moves.

Keepin' it real.



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I trust myself