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Audit the Pentagon

"Republicans need to acknowledge that not every dollar is well spent or sacred in the military". -Rand Paul

Unfortunately Romney has vowed to increase America's militarism and continue to go abroad in search of (or create) monsters to destroy.


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Sorry rand, you still

Sorry rand,Good idead but you still endorsed the guy that said he would do the exact opposite of what your saying here. You lost my trust pal.

Can't wait to hear him say

Can't wait to hear him say this during is conventions speech! A truth that the GOP needs to hear.



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


we got them now..LOL anyways, you have to love the politican Rand Paul correct the audience with "audit the fed" when they were yelling "end the fed".


It's called a transition.

He was transitioning into a different subject in his speech. I can't believe that you would try to suggest otherwise. He was making the point that auditing the fed has gained some major traction and that we are now hearing talks of auditing the pentagon. Are you hearing talks of "end the fed" in Washington? As much as I wish, no not yet. Auditing will come first.

Quit trying to cause trouble. You've been at this immature tirade against Rand for months. Seriously, people should take a look at your post history... the fangs you have out for Rand is getting a bit scary. If you're not happy with Rand, that's fine, but to continue to verbally abuse him (or anyone else) like you have been is completely uncalled for.

The only thing that will come first

is the collapse of the dollar, "audit the fed" is being used by the elites to transition the american people out of the current paradigm into a global paradigm..fact is, they will probably use "audit the fed" as one of the reasons for the collapse of the dollar(trust issues), thus making sure the public never asks for an audit in the future.

Unfortunately Ron paul has been judoed by the globalist elites, instead of kicking and punching he was easily controlled.

But regarding Rand Paul, can't say it enough, he is a POS.


...Rand must be a POS because only a POS would favor auditing the Fed before abolishing it....uh, wait.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

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Well, I'd bet my right arm

Well, I'd bet my right arm that auditing the Fed, if done by the People, would actually BE TECHNICALLY SUFFICIENT to abolish it afterwards.

For, their crimes (if only against the country's economy) are enough to send them all to prison for the rest of their lives.

(Put otherwise: after a serious audit, how one could STILL find the thing JUSTIFIABLE IN ANY SENSIBLE WAY ??!!)

Problem is my "if..." above makes a pretty strong assumption, already, at this point.

But Dr. Ron Paul at least still believes in the idea seemingly.

I'd also bet it would be VERY BAD NEWS for America when Ron Paul himself thinks that auditing the Fed wouldn't be enough any longer as a preliminary formal legal process. As it would likely coincide with when the 1st amendment itself is about to be denied.

We just don't want to think about such possibilities.

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He would never "end the fed"

thus is the reason he corrected the audience with HIS position, but obviously he is a POS for endorsing Romney on the hannity show (his pal) and in all sense and purposes dividing the movement between compromisers such as yourself and principled men and woman who could never conceive of such a betrayl.

If you can't understand the

If you can't understand the attempt to work in the system then you never will. Some people work outside the system to change things and some try to work inside it. We need both to actually win this Revolution. We need to change everyone's policies, nut just us, we already understand liberty

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