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VIDEO: Jesse Benton calls Grassroots ran PaulFestival "A Fringe Element", wishes it would go away

Peter Schiff reads a text message from Jesse Benton to Paul Festival Organizer Deborah Robinet. The text proves that Jesse Benton of the Ron Paul campaign intentionally sabotaged Paul Festival and the Ron Paul supporters who organized it.


Thanks Donny Tsunami for the video!

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I feel betrayed

People may feel I'm "fringe" because of my political views. I'm a libertarian, a husband, a father, a professional engineer, and I'm proud to be a 911 truther.(because I understand physics) I was giving $100 a month to campaign for liberty and was part of the "inner circle" for my contributions. Guess what? NO MORE MONEY FOR YOU JESSE! Me and Alex Jones and the rest of us "fringe" so-called crazies are what got you here. You just bit the hand that fed you.

Alot more politics.

It disturbs me a bit that the campaign or Jesse Benton wants to rewrite history. He wants to believe or encourage the belief that the Liberty movement arose from the mainstream and moved and was peverted by the extremist fringe. The truth is the opposite. The liberty movement is alive because there were those who dared to be fringe when it was unpopular. The liberty movement was everywhere fringe in the 1990s. The liberty movement kept Paul and the libertarian party alive for decades waiting for opportunity. Ron Paul reordered the values of that group and they dedicated all to him and his campaign for more than 4 years.
Where was Jesse Benton when I was in Boston in 2007 for the tea party? Where was Jesse Benton when the wacky fringe guy in front of me put on his tricorn hat and made an "End the Fed" flag?
Where was Jesse Benton in 2007 when vonNuthaus was selling his Ron Paul liberty coins to the extremist fringe meeting in New Hampshire liberty?
Maybe Benton is the man to take the liberty message to the mainstream but he definitely wasnt there when it wasnt mainstream.

Peter left

Peter left not because of Benton, Peter left because NOBODY WAS THERE! The organizers should look in the mirror as to why this event failed. Stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes. You made poor decisions and failed because of them.


I have always felt that Jesse was more interested in furthering his political career than actually fighting for the Liberty movement. Just because he is part of the Paul family doesn't mean for a minute that he has the same principles as Ron.

I actually get a kick out of the folks that think that anyone that has the last name Paul must be supported at all costs of you are disrespecting Ron. Na, I will stick with the Individual Liberty approach. Isn't it interesting too that Jesse with his fringe comment likes to lump people in groups. Nice way to demonize anyone that showed up at Paulfest.

My hat is also off for Luke R..,Adam K..and Ben Swann..They have breaking their butts 7 days a week to try and expose the corruption. Just because they have their own unique way of doing it that doesn't fit the narrow minded doesn't mean it's wrong. I wish their was 50 more of them all out their blowing up the airwaves trying to get people to finally think outside the box..Lord knows we will never accomplish that with our current propaganda factory..

It's going to be interesting to see where the current campaign staff goes after this. It will say a lot about what their agenda was all along.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

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Jessie, and you

Jessie, and you his "Friends", and you his "Enemies" :



For The Constitution !

To End The Fed !

To Repeal The Patriot Act and NDAA !

To challenge and repeal the 16th Amendment !

To End Those INHUMANE, ABSURD, undeclared WARS !

To Spare THE BLOOD of your American Soldiers, many of them 20 something KIDS only !

To spare the BLOOD of innocent people overseas WHO ARE already struggling with their Destiny !

To bring THE TRUE Globalist CRIMINALS before the Sword of Justice !

To re-unleash Liberty in the country blessed with the most POSITIVE Text ever Written by and for The People !

To become the source of Light for PEACE and PROSPERITY again !

Please, I BEG YOU : time is running out !

Take Your Country BACK UNITED, People !

Take your United States of America BACK for YOUR FAMILIES and KIDS !

You can fight persons in private, but let us be The People UNITED again !

For Liberty.

Peace. Your Frenchman friend who wants America back in his future.

God Bless America.

So it be very clear: I am not judging ANYBODY or our camp for Liberty, anyhow. I just don't care. Who am I to do so, anyway, as a Christian ? Christians know they are already judged, and the stakes go way beyond earth, in their faith. No, instead :

I am really, ACTUALLY, begging us all to UNITE.

We MUST do it. For Liberty.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Peter Schiff Responds to

Peter Schiff Responds to Video Posted of Him

Peter Schiff not happy with P.A.U.L. Fest organizers for "Benton sabotage" video


paulfest =controlled opposition

Peter now wishing he had listened to Jesse.

Paul-Fest was a failure

Paul-Fest was a failure because the organizers made such a grave error of judgement that it still boggles my mind how they could have thought it was a good idea. I can tell you the SECOND it was destined for failure:

They decided that they would NOT invite Rand Paul to speak at the festival.

They decided they would invite people like Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones and Luke Rudowski.

Those people viciously attacked Rand Paul (RON PAUL"S son) and Jesse Benton (Ron Paul's SON-IN-LAW).

And now Paulfest organizers are surprised that Ron Paul and his campaign didn't do everything they could to make it a success.

Well duh. Really? They can't figure that out for themselves?

Alex Jones, Adam Kokesh and Luke Rudowski are controlled opposition working to destroy the Liberty Movement. Step back and think and stop listening to their lies about Benton and Rand. And yeah...Jesse wants them and their followers gone because we got legs now and their job is to turn ya all against Rand.

The term is "useful idiot" ya all.

But Rand Paul didn't even

But Rand Paul didn't even vote for his own father as a delegate.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Yes, ol Jesse is a hero

...for the establishment puppet masters. Jesse expertly defused a multi-megaton Liberty Bomb: marginalized the candidate and the movement, neutralized the efforts of thousands of dedicated volunteers and millions of dollars in donations, negotiated away gains made by state delegates, and deftly avoided any challenge or disruption to the Romney coronation from the "fringe".

Romney delegates would be carrying Jesse on their shoulders at the end of the convention if only he could have drugged grandpa and got him to read a neocon-written speech and endorse Romney.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.



paulfest =controlled opposition

After absorbing Peter Schiff's antics and the divisory attempt by the people here, and the openly anti-Ron Paul posts, I can only come to one conclusion. Jesse Benton WAS RIGHT TO MISTRUST PAULFEST.

Paulfest now appears likely to have been designed to drive a wedge between LIBERTY MOVEMENT MEMBERS.

An OBVIOUS attempt to co-opt AND SPLINTER the movement.

I'm not saying all the people involved have been co-opted.

I'm saying if it is causing division, IT IS PROBABLY BY DESIGN.

So yes, Peter should have taken Jesse's advice and none of this angst would have any ears.

Jesse benton is a GREAT HERO to the liberty movement

ALL of his bashers are ABSOLUTELY INSIGNIFICANT PISS ANTS in compared to him.

Who are any of these sniveling cry-biatches?

They are not of the revolution that is for certain.

If they were they would be completely thrilled that WE are the future and the future IS NOW!

Of course these nattering nay-bobs of negativism are not now and never were on our side!

This blistering attack MEANS WE ARE WINNING!

IT MEANS Jesse is the man!

LOL this is moronic.

LOL this is moronic.

Jesse destroyed any chance

Jesse destroyed any chance Dr. Paul had to become president.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Benton is a nobody

Rand is going to make a difference.
But Doug Wead was too kind as far as Benton is concerned.
The very use of the word "fringe" just shows where he prefers being "in the loop" of the GOP insiders.
He 'thinks' he is somebody.


Please sue them Peter

Paul Mess has embarrassed our movement and Dr. Paul. Just go away quietly! All of the Paul Mess people and their defenders sound like a bunch of sore loser babies. Acknowledge you had no idea how to put a festival on and move on. Say what you want about Jessie, but if you all knew the mentality of the Paul Mess you would not blame him from distancing himself. The Paul Campaign is under no obligation to help these freaks. Quit trying to suck off of them like a parasite because they may have money! You all failed now go away!

And calling people names...

is in the true spirit of the Liberty Movement and the message of Ron Paul.


Do you mean to tell me that a group of unethical people should not be called out? What in the hell are you talking about!

What would Ron Paul do? Would

What would Ron Paul do? Would he call people "sore loser baby freaks"? Or would he follow the golden rule and treat them with respect, as he would want them to treat him?

"Quod scripsi scripsi."


Interesting so it is okay to bash Jessie and not okay to speak the truth about the Paul Mess people... Wake up Sheeple!!!

Name Calling Doesn't Win The Argument. . .

. . .I know, I have reduced myself to that level - out of anger - and it fails every time.

Your argument could be very valid, Chris - but the venom spewed out all over it masks any truth contained in it. All I could read was hate. I don't think that was your objective.

It doesn't appear that anyone is suggesting that you don't say your peace - they're trying to help you to make the point so people don't get lost in your fury.

As for me - I joined the 10,000 at the Sun Dome - I didn't go to the Paul "Mess". I didn't actually want to go to the Sun Dome - because I thought that would give some measure of credibility to Benton. I am Benton's #1 anti-fan. However, it was ALL about RON Paul - and so am I.

I didn't attend the Paul "Mess" because I will in no way support GJ. In my unsolicited opinion - that was a HUGE mistake on the organizers part. As I understand it from someone who was there - it was REALLY uncomfortable to be at an alleged Ron Paul festival surrounded by GJ For President signs.

There are many who, I'm sure, share your feelings - just in a less hateful manner.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

There's A Bright Side

It means the movement is getting bigger. The Campaign for Liberty is now large enough to contain "fringe" elements, "wings", "factions", "sects", etc... Consider it milestone on the way to victory.


I was assured by the Benton apologists here on the DP that Benton is an upstanding fellow and certainly only ever did what was best for Ron. Complete crap folks, you should all give a personal apology! Benton has been horrible for this campaign from the beginning.

Jesse Benton is a waste of

Jesse Benton is a waste of time. Ignore him and let him head to the ash heap of historical irrevelance. There are more important fish to fry than a couple of turncoats.

Waste of oxygen

you mean?

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Judas Benton sabotaged Paul Fest

Not only did they set up a competing event with the grassroots event, AFTER the grassroots event was well under way; BUT

By having the event at the time they did, delegates had to choose between honoring Ron Paul and being there for his swan song, or to go the RNC event and work on persuading delegates.

Anyone who trusts Benton to do the right thing for the Liberty Movement after the many ways the campaign was sabotaged is a fool.

Thankfully, the action now goes to the grassroots who can change the country by making their state Free States.

To live in a free state, you don't have to move to New Hampshire. Now we focus where we have the most impact, at the state, county and municipal level.

A Free State is a red state or a blue state, but a Gold State. Liberty is the Gold Standard of politics.

Find out more here: http://goldstateinitiative.com/

Interestingly, Jesse was a no-show at the Paul photo-op . .

. . . and dinner for Delegates at Whiskey Joe's after the Sun Dome event. John Tate was there, though.

Anyone Notice The Crickets At The Sun Dome. . .

. . .when Benton's name was mentioned? *deafening silence* *chirp*

It was a great moment.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

The big questiom is?

When is Jessee Bemyon goimg to go away permenently.