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Brian Doherty estimates that Gary Johnson will get 667,000 of Ron Paul’s 2 million primary voters in November

Reason magazine senior editor and Ron Paul’s rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired author Brian Doherty told The Daily Caller News Foundation last week that he estimated Johnson would get a third of Paul’s 2 million votes from the GOP primaries.

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I'm going back and forth with

I'm going back and forth with either voting for Johnson or voting for the Constitution party candidate.

I voted Chuck Baldwin last

I voted Chuck Baldwin last time,1 ron paul endorsed him 2 i liked chuck baldwin though i am not a big fan of theocrats. I actually trusted chuck baldwin. He is not the cp nominee this year. I myself have 0 interest in goode. listen to the lp/cp candidates and decide for yourself. I hope you pick GJ 2012. ps the only reason i did not vote lp last time is bob barr enuff said in my book.

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Enough with Gary Johnson

He's a neocon and those of us who aren't fooled by his pretty words WON'T be supporting him.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Gary Johnson 2012 over

Gary Johnson 2012 over Obamney. I guess i am a neo-con now for not supporting obama or romney. Gary Johnson is no neo-con. Yes you might disagree with some of his foreign policy statements but Gary Johnson is no Neo-con and far better then obama or romney. Gary Johnson has a record as a Governor of NM ,please show a record that makes him a neo-con.

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You can call him a neo-con

You can call him a neo-con but At least like some other Republicans Gary Johnson hasn't endorsed Mitt Romney.

I voted you back up, straight shooter...

..because someone voted you down without the courtesy of an explanation. I happen to disagree with your estimation of The Iron Man, but I disagree more with the tactic of anonymous disapproval.

Keep your powder dry and your arrow heads sharp, tovarisch. Even as we disagree on this one small point, I recognize that you are closer to being my friend and ally than millions of Demoblicans or Commie Greens (or do I repeat myself?)

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Paul-Fest Crowd Embraces Gary Johnson

Tampa – If Gary Johnson is going to come close to cracking single digits in November’s presidential election the Libertarian Party nominee will need the backing of Ron Paul supporters like Sean Melancon, who watched Johnson speak yesterday afternoon at the Ron Paul Festival.

“I made the shift to Gary Johnson because Mitt Romney is way down on my list of people I’d want in charge of this country,” said Melancon, 20, shortly after Johnson finished speaking before several hundred people.


Sounds about right.

I would put it a little higher, say 50%, particularly after the way we have been treated by the RNC.

We all *should* vote for GJ as payback and to show our strength if nothing else. But some will stay home, some will uselessly "write in" RP, some, in fact a lot more than we would like to believe, will vote for Mitt to keep that no good Muslim-Commie-Kenyan Obama out of office.


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The Electors

We have an excellent habit of getting to the "root cause" of an issue. For instance, we understand that the Federal Reserve system is the new form of slavery.

The way out also has a root cause, that of getting the Electors to understand where we are and what is at stake.

Voting won't change much due to the Diebold voting machines in place. They will manipulate the people's votes. So in response, we need to manipulate the Electors - through education.

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unapologetic bump

Governor Johnson ALSO stands for:

Au (hard money)&

Of course, I'm none too keen on Johnson's allegience to "The Fair Tax" (though I realize that a consumption tax is generally less destructive than an income tax), nor to his endorsement of "marital equality" (preferring deregulation to codification), but no one's perfect, and he is still vastly superior to either Rama or Obomney.

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What makes you think he favours sound money?

Unless he has changed his mind I thought he had nothing against our friends at the Federal Reserve. He also seems to like war based upon humanitarian interventions that we all know are cooked up justifications for the UN R2P initiative as was Obama's Libyan atrocity.

His ads lately have sounded like he is channeling Ron Paul but he lacks serious credibility. His two terms as Governor in New Mexico resulted in state wide gambling, including on Indian reserves, and a new highway as a permanent legacy. To my knowledge the State was no more libertarian after his term in office than at the beginning. This would be judged by the degree to which he liberated the State from Federal ties to bring government closer to the People. There is also no evidence either that he repealed (as opposed to vetoing) any legislation or bureaucratic initiatives to reduce the size of government and return political decision making to the People which would support his libertarian credentials.

He increased the privatisation of prisons which at the Federal level has led to a corruption of the justice system. From what I have heard New Mexico had an an increase in Federal aid during his terms in office. Such funds usually come with strings attached to the Federal apron which does not sound at all like a Ron Paul Constitutional position.

His attempt to legalise drugs including heroin was met with an uproar and his popularity decreased rapidly from over 50% to 35% in a very short time. He backed off immediately and has trimmed his sails to only recommending legalisation of cannabis. So far as I know cannabis is still illegal in New Mexico.

He seems to me to be a pragmatic businessman who can run an efficient company. I do not know if his construction company received many government contracts but given his sally into politics it would seem he had contacts in those circles. In any event those skills are not necessarily transferable to the role of President of the United States which is also true of Romney. Indeed they may very well be a detriment. In my view he lacks philosophical depth and conviction.

He is quite amoral given the fact that he divorced his wife for no good reason after she had supported him faithfully during his terms as Governor and possibly brought on her heart attacks that ended her life. He currently is living with his fiancee but is not married to her. He is in favour of abortion up until viability which is currently at about five months into the pregnancy. All of this indicates that he would likely change his position on any given issue provided the incentives were appropriate for him.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Can you please post links to

Can you please post links to back up your statements?

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well, If I walk into a voting


If I walk into a voting booth and I see johnson, romney, and obama you can bet I will be voting for johnson.

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He can win this thing

Commission on Pres. Debates call at 202-872-1020 & demand inclusion.

Ross Perot was polling at 7% before the televized debates...40% after.

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That vote estimate was last week.

A few things have happened since.

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