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Voter Integrity, Texas Style

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This kind of conduct is not just a Texas thing!

My husband and I went to the Pennsylvania State Capital last week. I was appalled at the conduct of the members of the House of Representatives while in session. We sat in the third floor gallery and watched. When the House Speaker told everyone to be quiet and to take their seats, no one listened. The members continued to mingle, chat shake hands, and one couple even hugged each other! As they called for a vote, they just reached over and pushed some buttons. The board showed who voted and it was obvious that everyone did, even though all the members weren't there!

All the back slapping and chatting continued through the whole session. It looked more like a big social meeting. The only things missing was the martinis and the hordouvers!

I don't feel sorry for their so called "hectic schedule. We were there to speak to the the representative for our district about the Real ID. From what I could tell, he spent the morning in his office, then left at 1PM to discuss the the bills before the vote in in the House. The House session lasted about an hour, then broke for recess until 3PM, after which they were probably done for the day.

Everyone needs to go to their state capital and see for yourself. Our government has surely run amuck! Like a bunch of unsupervised school children.

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson


Every one of those people on tape should go to trial asap. That is horriffic! Is this how GWB learned to govern? I want to see video of congress. They should be under surveillance all day not us.


they should all be ashamed... what an absolute joke!

A Positive use for BIG BROTHER?

I have to place my thumb on a bio-metric scanner at work to punch the time clock, in order to protect against employee fraud. Why can’t the same technology be employed to assure the integrity of critical policies that are important enough to warrant a vote? I understand in some cases proxy votes are required, but these should be the exception rather than the rule and they should certainly be subject to over site. These are our representatives and they work for us. It is not unreasonable for us to ask them to show up to work. Perhaps if they did put in the hours that they claim to have amassed, then maybe some of them wouldn’t make careers out of exploiting the tax payers.

No time to go to the bathroom!?!?! That is just absurd! The “empty seats” didn’t want to part with their libation at the local $teakhouse or gourmet restaurant. Who can blame them when Pharma and Oil are buying? Or maybe they just want to go home early and see the family, like most working people. The hypocrisy is that if I leave work before my job is complete; I don’t get paid for the time I wasn't there. And rightfully so, because I was not there!

Ron Paul, Save Us!

"If the message is Liberty, promote it shamelessly!"


Just a small group of people spamming the polls.

This is sick and an OUTRAGE!

No wonder how disillusioned we all are. We somehow knew it. I can't think of what to SCREAM!!!

What a joke

This is so sad.
The Rep. complains that she doesnt get a bathroom break because they are so busy at work. Honey, how many more shifts do I have to work to pay for the crap programs you (do or do not) vote for?? Cry me a river.
What a mess.....

That's just golden. Texas

That's just golden. Texas legislation is so screwed up we have the longest constitution and the longest line of the most corrupt governers in history. Rick Perry is contributing to that tradition greatly. A texas republican that won't build a fence? what kind of crap is that.Ron Paul 08

Ron Paul 08