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RNC Live Stream + Open Thread: Mitt's Acceptance Speech, 10pm ET

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C-SPAN Call in number

Any one know it? I've been Googling but couldn't find anything only number was to the video archive.

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    How do I get through to the Washington Journal?

    The Washington Journal airs LIVE every morning from 7am – 10am EST and you may call, email, or twitter into the show.
    Call in numbers:

    Republicans: 202-737-0002 Email: journal@c-span.org
    Democrats: 202-737-0001 Twitter: @cspanwj
    Independents: 202-628-0205

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    they'll post it again when

    they'll post it again when they start taking calls, just keep it on....also have some sight called "tout" and a cspan2012 hashtag for twitter....had some pretty funny ones during paul ryan's speech.

    Ron Paul on CSPAN

    a portion of his speech is on right now, listening to the chants of "president paul".....make sure you guys call in and tweet and all that jazz.


    I cannot believe they would just so gleefully give up the election by not letting RP participate.

    Romney is loaded so I do not think he really cares what happens anyway and is just enjoying himself imo.

    I almost feel bad for people who volunteered and donated to him.



    CSPAN is running Dr Paul's speech right now because of the delay of the Convention!! LOL It just started at 12:20 Central Time! Watch it if you can!

    That is so funny!

    Mitt must have choked on his pancakes!

    Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

    Viva La Revolucion!

    Paul Ryan is Speaking before a Romulan audience on C-Span

    Romulans everywhere.....lol

    The caption says its a rally

    The caption says its a rally in Wisconsin

    This space available

    Any news or word out of Tampa from our people?

    My initial reports is that the convention area is a ghost town.

    An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
    Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

    Tampa police presence

    The tropical storm makes the presence all the more ominous. Helicopters are flying around the city and come to a hover to just watch. Police are shipped in on buses from the Paul festival site. There are militaries smaller than what they have here. Parking garages are utilized for the police only. Blocks are blocked off with fences. We stopped for a hot minute in downtown Tampa and literally within 15-20 seconds a team of officers on theirs bikes were swarming us like sharks looking into the vehicle for anything in plain sight. A kid was walking by and they searched him/his bag was searched. It's a ghost town. No one is here. It's like a prison. It must be devastating to the businesses in downtown Tampa. It reminds me of the movie Escape from NY or vids I've seen of Russia, except the criminals are normal every day citizens with nothing but an ignored piece of paper (the constitution) standing between them and tyranny. There are weapons and riot gear. I'm sure snipers are on the rooftops. Officers smoke and joke like its another day on the job "protecting and serving" us. When asking a police officer directions, he replied, "you shouldn't be here I you don't know where you're going." everything is under their control and the people are blind. They think it's cool or ok or part of the job. People would think you were crazy if you looked at the rooftop for snipers, but how ignorant they are to our true state of affairs.

    A sign coming into downtown says, "Tampa Welcomes the RNC." Now how do I feel welcome when every block after the sign has barricades and fences closing down whole blocks an police and barriers in front of buildings? I feel so welcome. How do I feel welcome when police actively seek something to arrest you for as they search you without probable cause or a warrant? How do I feel welcome as they stare with constant suspicion? How do I feel welcome when the same drones that kill US CItizens and terrorists overseas are being flown above our own heads? Welcome RNC? No...United States, Welcome the Police State!


    Great description! Has anyone taken photos of all this? This is the same set up they had in Toronto, Canada in 2010. There is a two hour video on youtube of it.
    Someone else had suggested bringing an extra memory card for your camera in case you think it will be taken away, you can quickly switch cards.
    Be Careful!



    When asking a police officer directions, he replied, "you shouldn't be here IF* you don't know where you're going."

    ...and the weather radar looks like...

    ...some MILD RAIN from the bands of Isaac...what a JOKE that the national media is selling it like Katrina is literally hitting the RNC; seriously, that is how they SOUND!

    Don't be intimidated - just be simply civic minded, and tell them you're trying to CHANGE our political leadership for THEIR benefit - like our founders told us to!

    I am aggravated just reading this stuff from here in Chicago!

    (if you see Alex Jones, tell him to GET LOST; we don't NEED the "image" he draws to us as he PROVOKES the police!)

    Who Would John Lennon Vote for if he were a delegate?

    It would have to be Ron Paul as most will remember John Lennon as saying to the world "Give Peace A Chance." This might work when talking to delegates. A Huge Banner with John's Quote might plant a seed with delegates too. A thought that came to me in my sleep last night. Good luck Ron Paul delegates and God Bless you!


    Definitely Ron Paul

    Murdered by a nut case...So sad..

    don't you mean

    assassinated? by an agent?

    nut case?

    don't be naive

    RNC Convenes at 2:00pm today!


    Please spread the word so our delegates know!!

    "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." George Washington

    Are they going to vote today?

    Are they going to vote today? I hear conflicting info on that.