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RNC Live Stream + Open Thread: Mitt's Acceptance Speech, 10pm ET

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Clint Eastwood

Can you raise new business during a speech? Just interrupt with some business?

They are fighting on floor. That is what all the noise is

They are still fighting it out on the floor Jonathan Capehart columnist and MSNBC commentator tweeted chants of USA! USA! keep going on and they keep putting up the music.

Oh my!


Stand up for FREEDOM!!!!!!Shot heard around the world!!!!Go get them!!So proud of you delegates and alternates!!!!

anyone watching CNN?

did you see that interview with the governor of VA and that guy holding up the RP button in the background? the mitt witt next to him was trying to block him with his mitt sign, but the dude didn't back down!

props to you if you read this!!

bravo man, you made my evening ))

Romney also has the power to

Romney also has the power to determine which child lives or dies! He let the last couple's kid die but he saved this one!

Southern Agrarian

LoL! Romney can fold clothes

LoL! Romney can fold clothes and do household chores... therefore he will be a great President!!!

(puts gun barrel in mouth with trembling hands)

Southern Agrarian

my feelings exactly

I don't want to live in a world where people are this DUMB!

mitt wrote a last will and testament

for a 14 year old kid dying of cancer...

how is that a good thing?

Writing the will for a 14

Writing the will for a 14 year old boy exemplifies his legal acumen.

Southern Agrarian

Who the hell are these people

Who the hell are these people

Southern Agrarian

I bet Mitt shoveled snow in

I bet Mitt shoveled snow in the summer too!

Southern Agrarian

Clint Eastwood also expected to address the (tainted) delegates

This was on the SKY UK ticker (not the "tainted", that was mine).

So I had a look around:



He should fit in well, he reads his lines like a pro.

Really telling about the

Really telling about the party's base.

Southern Agrarian

So i guess we are all

So i guess we are all officially Mormon now?

Southern Agrarian

He will have the best speech writer

that money can buy.

Of Course, just like he has the best lawyers that money can buy.

I wonder just how many lawyers does he have? Probably a lawyer in every field of expertise. I think Mitt must be the scarecrow, the one without a brain. Obama and Mitt, the same, lawyers running the country is what it amounts too.


Yep Romney said

when he is president he will consult his lawyer before sending the nation into another war. Scarecrow for sure.

Jeb Bush..

just used different varieties of milk as a metaphor for how education should be. Wouldn't you know it, he didn't mention raw milk.

Delegates Press Conference at the RNC after Silent March

Here is the archived recording of Liberty Live Stream Team's coverage of the Press conference this evening at the RNC.



Thank You!

I will be watching

with the hopes that the liberty movement makes a stand.

bigmikedude's picture

I don't know if I can sit through an hour of Romney blowing

smoke, but it might be fun to hear some dissenting shouts and boos if there are any (and I kind of do hope there are).

But I highly suggest youtubing and recording it to anyone that does videos. It might make for some real fun source material for editing and maybe some awesome hilarious "Bad Lip Synch videos."

If we have to have Romney stuck up our noses, might as well have some fun with it.

I wonder if he'll say "I like Republican Conventions"...


HAVE SOME FUN with it. The campaign has worked so diligently to ensure the campaign was not embarassed by the Paul people, and tonight is the perfect opportunity to "have some fun."

Conversation at work today:

Boss: Did you watch the Republican convention last night?
Me: No. Why would I? I'm not a republican.
Boss: To keep an open mind.
Me: Oh really? (thumbs up as I walk away)

Okay, okay - I was at work and I am not going to sabotage my job so I just bit my tongue. (It bled for hours)

I wanted to reach over and slap him for his ignorance. sigh

~Your perception becomes your reality~

JESUS! This black girl

JESUS! This black girl talking about Romney is sickening. Sounds so forced.

Southern Agrarian

Wait Until

The Black People find out what Mormons think of them. She might be thinking otherwise

Is it on now? Everyone go to

Is it on now? Everyone go to the cspan site.

Southern Agrarian

SPREAD!! Conference at 6pm at Gate B of RNC!!!

From An Z (ANGELA9477) via textPlus group msg:
"Tell everyone press conference for Ron Paul at 6 pm at Gate B of RNC"

Will this be on Cspan too?

Will this be on Cspan too?

Southern Agrarian

Confirm and RE-Confirm

Make absolutely certain that this is where it is to take place.

Make sure that everybody arrives early and are on the same page!

Make sure that this is streamed, televised, photos, etc.

I know that I am speaking to the choir, but we have been notoriously 2 steps behind every step of the way.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul