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RNC Live Stream + Open Thread: Mitt's Acceptance Speech, 10pm ET

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Thanks for all of the updates on this page - so great to see all of the stories.

Please replace the IROOTS link to this one for today (Thursday):


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2 observations

One of the major themes of the night was "reducing government involvement in our lives". It just sounds so disingenuous coming from most of these people because I've seen their voting records. A lot of lip service going on.

Also, just from a purely excitement and political standpoint, the GOP missed out by not granting Ron Paul time to speak. He would have given the small government message so much more authenticity. They should wise up and have him speak in 2016. He'll be a living legend to the majority of the Republican party by that time in my opinion.

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How many speakers (at least 3

How many speakers (at least 3 at my count) have reminded us that our rights are not given to us by the government but by our creator? Jeez Paul wannabe's! If they are so concerned about sounding like Paul shouldn't have worked so hard to block his nomination. There's what they say and what they DO. What liars and cheats!

What a bizarre statement for Ryan to make, making fun of

Obama for saying one of his mistakes wasn't talking more to the American people. "What?!" Ryan exclaimed. "TALKING?!"

Guess he didn't hear the interview where Mitt Romney was asked about the wars, and how he'd have done things differently than the president. He said that Obama's mistake was that... he hadn't talked to Americans more about what was going on.

At the time, I just about blew a gasket. "What?!" I exclaimed. "TALKING?! He thinks the problems with these never-ending wars isn't all the servicemen who died or were injured, or the fact that the cost is literally bankrupting the country (Afghanistan war alone $300,000,000/day), but that the president didn't TALK to the American people more?

Thanks Congressman Ryan. I'm with you!

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Paul Ryan basically stealing Rand's speech now.

No originality at all from anyone. Reminds me of the 2004 election. "Terrorism,terror,fear,9/11" on and on. Now it's just about "obama,jobs,pipes,obama,jobs,pipes". Nothing about the Fed or ending the wars,repealing NDAA etc. Losers.

Huckabee admits he's a failed candidate


Chit hit the fan! Just saw this:




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Revenge Against Ron Paul

I am sorry to repost this, but it has had very few views and it is something people should know. Or are people so obsessed with whether or not they are going to vote for Gary Johnson or with their hatred of Rand and Benton that they don't care what happens to the Doctor?


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There is an OP about this on the Front Page


What's an OP and where is

What's an OP and where is this one?

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OP is Original Post; the one I referred to

begins with the word HOT in the headline. I think you'll find it if you scroll far enough down the archived front pages -- or use the Search button.

Thanks. I found it with the

Thanks. I found it with the search button, but that is not exactly front-page treatment, imho.

I feel dumber watching this

Every hour I watch this convention, my iq drops 20 points.

"You better not compromise yourself. It's all you got."

This Biondi Bimbo and clown

This Biondi Bimbo and clown from Georgia ... Their routine sounds so fake and lame like they are hosting a Thanksgiving Day parade

ok, just swithed over

to Upper Perk's Ustream, Suriyahfish's Ustream went offline (edit now it's back on)

what on earth is this?

#GOP2012 Hundreds of Paulites March at RNC

Chanting "As Maine goes, so goes the nation" !!

Several posts on this. Need video!


Folks 4 years ago a lot of people got railroaded.

Over 30 challenges and 1 rump convention were filed and heard at the State Convention in Texas. Lawsuits were filed and fought after that.

Every one of the challenges were railroaded at the State Convention. The lawsuit when all the way to the Texas Supreme Court where they ... failed to hear it. Twice

Not one battle was won. But a lot of people did wake up to what the party was doing and things changed. We actually had a decent run State Convention this year. They saved face, but they didn't want to go through it again.

What have I learned? It's not about winning a legal battle or an election. It's about education and the political process is one arena to get it done.

Without all of the 'failures' of the last 4 years, this year would never have happened.

Thats it!

Its about Education, its about the Perception, its about breaking down this wall that hides all the BS behind it. Its about Understanding, and that is what we have to work on in anyway we can, as thier are many who will listen in different ways. Everybody needs to do their individual thing, the one things NO-ONE can do, is give up!

Never Give Up!

anyone watching...

Suriyahfish's Ustream this is where the real news is!

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I am, but I can't get any video again on ustream

only sound. And refreshing doesn't work.

Ustream sucks for me

I'm getting video..

but it's not that clear

Mitt video sucking up to the State of Israel.

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John McCain speaks.

Proof they have learned nothing from 2008.

What's Funny Is That I Used To Think That It Was

the Democrats who were the rotten, no good, cheat-at-all-costs party...Shoot, both parties are rotten to the core...

Except for those patriots in the Liberty Movement...They are Heroes.

Thank you for all that you Liberty guys and gals are doing!!!

As I watch this Bush video I

As I watch this Bush video I can't help think of all the independents who are sitting at home on TV and hearing Bush Jr. say that Mitt Romney has what it takes to be a great president.

My goodness I'm dying.

Rand's speech was great,until he endorsed Mitt.

Not surprised,though.

Screw you Rand!

Not one hint of reproachment for what the RNC did to his father and his supporters. Then he has the gall to say that he believes Romney will turn things around.

Why did he not proudly say his father's name?

At least the Ron Paul crowd is still loud as ever.