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Slay a Dragon for Liberty!

Hi, all.

Yesterday we launched Slay a Dragon for Liberty.

If you slay a Red Dragon by the end of the Republican Convention, and you donate $8.20 to LearnLiberty.org, then I will send you an original Ron Paul miniature figurine (in medieval combat attire).

And you can even play with Ron Paul as your hero character. In fact, for the duration of the RNC, Ron Paul will be the game's default hero.

The goals of the promotion are:

1. Raise money and awareness for LearnLiberty.org.
2. Make available a nice Dr. Paul keepsake. (U.S. residents only)
3. Let the world know that the Liberty Movement is fun, and NOT GOING AWAY.

We plan to do a press release later in the week, and it would be nice to be able to show some good numbers. So please give it a try and help spread the word. (The game is still free.)


Thank you!

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Just want you to know I still

Just want you to know I still login and play your game a few times a week.

Southern Agrarian

Rowdius's picture

Amusing screen shot

Ron Paul face-to-face with a Purple Worm.


(I was going to say toe-to-toe, but the Purple Worm has no toes. I was then going to say eye-to-eye, but thought better of it.)