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Arizona delegates being denied their credentials?!

I just read on Ben Swann's FB page that Arizona's delegation is being denied. Anybody else hear anyting else on this?

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Maybe Now

the Arizona Delegates will have some inseight into who and what they are supporting with Mitt Romney!

Their Chair too afraid that they may mingle with and learn a thing or two from other delegates ......and they could change their minds?

How bloody controlling!

Bless the three RP delegates in the Arizona delegation. Know what you are up against.

Bless the Texas delegation for all of the fairness they are showng regarding the rules and the guest passes.

We are Americans first.....nice to see some remember that regardless of whom they are supporting!

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So I will ask again... I

So I will ask again...
I thought Arizona was a winner take all. And we all know Romney won, so wouldnt' the delegates be Romney's anyway? Why would they fight the Arizona delegates?

They're all Romney delegates

Though 3 of the 29 are actually Paul supporters. As posted below, the RNC is not keeping them out. This is not an attack against Paul supporters.

As of 3 hours ago....

riginal post not exactly true. Supposedly, The AZ delegation showed up, went to credentials for their badges, THEY WERE GIVEN to the AZ delegation chair and the chair denied the delegates their badges until "later" since "nothing was happening today"...

Committee meetings and other party business still going on and there is no reason to deny them their badges until "later". TEXAS' delegates have registered their guest passes to the entire AZ delegation so they may attend meetings and enter the convention today untill "they get their badges"


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Arizona was a winner take all

Arizona was a winner take all I thought. Aren't all of the delegates Romneys?

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Why did I get down voted for

Why did I get down voted for this question...


Maybe that's their quick way of saying, "no"?

I don't know either answer but I'll bump you +1. ;)

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Thanks! Sometimes it's just

Thanks! Sometimes it's just silly.


As of 30 minutes ago, the Delegates had still not been credentialed. We are in contact with each other and hopefully they will be soon.

Arizona having trouble?

More news please.


What is the problem?

If Willard has all the delegates he needs to be the nominee, why are they pulling all this crap?

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To crush all opposition as a show to the Democrats.

To crush all opposition within his party as a show of "unity" to the Democrats.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

We Are Americans First

and the ony thing they are showing is how fascist the Republican Party has become!

Time for a new party?

Is this true?

Bump for info.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul