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5 Lessons From Ron Paul's "We Are The Future" Speech

Last night, as Tropical Storm Isaac plowed its way towards Tampa, a real storm was brewing in the Sun Dome – a liberty storm of Ron Paul supporters waiting to hear the speech that won’t be allowed at the Republican National Convention.

Typically I like to use this space to ramble on and on, and believe me I will return shortly to do so. But until then, watch the Conscience of the GOP and The Godfather of the real Tea Party give one last address to his supporters, both present and future.

What could I possibly add to this speech? Probably not much, so instead I’ll give you 5 Lessons I Took Away From Ron Paul’s “We Are The Future” Speech:

1.The Revolution Is Not Over, It Is Just Beginning. Paul begins by referencing a number of mainstream media articles proclaiming that the revolution won’t be happening. His response? “Don’t They Wish!”. He discusses how the Republican Party should want to welcome them into the tent with all their passionate enthusiasm. But emphasized that they don’t matter, because soon the Revolution will BE “The Tent”. Liberty activists, even in the face of foul play by the RNC, need to stay involved with their local politics and continue to take it over. We will have much more success from the inside than shouting from the outside.

2. Stay Principled. Dr Paul mentioned how many people throughout the campaign have said something along the lines of “You could have more success, if only you’d change your foreign policy”, to which the crowd predictably booed. But Paul believes that if he didn’t stay consistent and didn’t promote a foreign policy of honesty and peace he wouldn’t have the success and enthusiastic supporters that he has today. “Success” doesn’t always mean immediate victory, it means creating change by standing principled to one’s beliefs. They are mutually exclusive.

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Good points

I'm often guilty of probably coming off sounding frustrated and angry when discussing the dire situation in our country. Always good to be reminded to lighten up and have fun. You can communicate effectively and still enjoy yourself.

Not only that

Bu the anger actively turns people off. Once you are seen as a 'raving lunatic', it's over. Nobody will listen to you.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

ConstitutionHugger's picture

Thanks for writing

I was surprised by RPs emphasis on having fun. Isn't fun frivolous when we're dealing with life and death issues? No, it's actually key to spreading the message. I think the "have fun" part links in with the "don't get angry" part. We need to use the gifts God gave us to promote liberty and remain positive. Positive energy attracts. If you're too mad to express the concepts of liberty in a positive manner, then you'd better go for a walk and take a few days off.
If people aren't open to the message intellectually, maybe they'll come around because the good vibes draw them in. If you were walking by a club full of angry people would you feel invited to come in? If they were smiling, having fun and beckoning you in would you join them?

I would also add a number 6

He clearly stated in the speech it was time for the revolution. The ability to communicate, organize, and assemble is becoming ever-so difficult without breaking some laws. He said we must be quick, and hurry before our ability to move is denied.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Very too point

There is certainly urgency in what we need to do.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

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that part creeped me out.

I gulped...

like a scooby reaction... erererrrauhhh?

Let's go!

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

I'm still pissed

that he won't speak at the RNC. Would have been interesting to hear the crowd reaction and gauge how many delegates are supporters even if they aren't allowed to vote as they wish.

just one....

self-promoting bump.

Everyone gets one, right?

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Not sure...

I think the technical limit is zero.

Try to avoid being so obvious. Find a question and answer it.
Simple? You bet! Transparent anyway? Yes, but... "legally acurate".

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