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Georgia tries to strip the 3 Ron Paul delegates of their credentials.

Just a heads up from Tampa. Spoke with delegate from Georgia, they are threatening to strip the 3 Paul delegates of credentials unless they sign a pledge to vote for Romney.

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I hope someone record these threats

All delegates should have cameras on their person at all times.

"Hold the Line"

Do not give in, take the loss and use it for future advancement against the GOP Soviets.

He has become a public spectacle.

By his disenfranchisement, the veil has been rent, letting us clearly see the beast that lurks behind. His calm sacrifice without speaking a word against the blows upon him gives life to the revolution, energizing us to action. Dr. Paul has read the Bible well.

When a single grain of wheat is buried, its death brings forth a new, young plant that bears fruit: 30, 60, or 100-fold. We are the new, young plants, and the seed we bear must in turn be planted to bring forth a whole field. Keep active, be relentless, never give up. We have the victory within ourselves.

A commentary by 1 of the 4 who refused to sign

He also has another thread here somewhere.


silly question

Didnt Gingrich win his home state, and the delegates were winner take all, so arent they ALL UNBOUND? Why do they need to sign anything, since he dropped out, seems like they wamt to show everyone behind Romney. Look if i was a delegate, and i paid my money like everyone else, I WOULD VOTE FOR WHO I WANT TO,NOT WHO THEY WANT!!! WTF!!!

The official winner of the state was Gingrich

He released his delegates, the State is now an unbound state.

Who came in second really does not matter. He had the plurality. The Paul delegates are free to vote who they want to.

Sort of

It wasn't winner take all. Around 30% of the delegates are bound to Romney by state law in GA. The rest are now officially unbound. So it all depends who these delegates were originally bound to vote for. If they were bound to Romney, then they have to vote for him and they shouldn't complain. If they were bound to another candidate, they are allowed to vote for Ron Paul. The state can certainly pressure them and annoy them. But if they were not bound to Romney originally, they don't have to vote for him. Does anyone know who they were bound to? It very well could be Romney.

Binding is irrelevant. If binding really exists, then there

is no point to delegates. The States should merely indicate they cast "x" number of votes for this or that nominee.

If on the other hand, it is important to send actual live human beings, then you can't "bind" them to vote a certain way. They have to be free agents to vote their conscience.

Since they sent delegates, they are free to vote as they please. If you don't like that, then might I suggest you work to change the rules, abolish conventions entirely, and simply have the state party leadership "cast" so many votes with the RNC for this or that candidate?

That's a wish, not an argument

There are many things delegates do. Binding them to follow the will of the voters on one of their tasks does not make them irrelevant. This type of statement is not going to convince anyone.

sign the dam pledge

- under duress - get them credentials, then kick the hogswamp out of em ! You crackers from GA best man up for the Battle of Tampa -
that is why you are there ! no quarter given !

LOve the R3volution
and yes I'm a cracker from GA as well, LOve me some crackers !!!!!!!!!

A pledge is a contract and if

A pledge is a contract and if signed under duress is nullified. But the burden of proof is on them.

There are no voting rights.

There are no voting rights. They can change the rules and make them and break them. Ron Paul had the numbers. They were never going to let him win. Romney was the chosen one. As soon as everyone figures that out than we can get to business. We have to become the GOP. Take seats. RP has told us this for two election circles. Yes...we got the delegates but had we been in the committee we would have won.

So you're telling people not to fight, and instead give in?

I could label you something that starts with a "T" and ends with "roll" but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you instead suffered from verbal diarrhea.

Now I'll give you the benefit

Did I say the words give up or give in? Now I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

We're not going to win by shouting "Ron Paul, Ron Paul Ron Paul".

Take a seat in the committee and become the GOP.

Why do I have to try to beat my head against a brick wall?

The GOP isn't going to allow me to move in on their game.

They aren't allowing it anywhere else either.

The only path for me is either a 3rd party - which I'm now doing, or nothing at all.

Look, if you are finding success in the GOP - good luck.

But it isn't for everyone.

Some of us don't have the same situation you might have locally.

Some of us have thugs for GOP officers - literally, they break bones if you don't do what they want here - seen the clips?

No thanks.

In my case, the Dems are practically non-existent. They are capitulating.

We now have a HUGE opportunity in Louisiana to move in to the vacuum they are leaving behind.

We can capture the socially tolerant crowd.

We can capture the fiscally conservative crowd.

We can even capture the environmentally conscious crowd if we play it right.

What we can't capture are the social conservatives, or prohibition crowd, or the big government crowd.

I think we're in good shape and in good position.

We just need the man power and effort and activists to capitalize on this.

And we need GOOD candidates.

So far, I think we're off to a fine fresh start.

But more needs to be done.

If everyone in the Paul movement sticks with the GOP here, they will get nowhere except compromised, and we'll continue to struggle, but we'll keep plodding along until they see the light.

Actually, if we are going to

Actually, if we are going to win we need to take over the entire system. All parties. When should we infiltrate the democrats?

You could start now if you wanted, but another "good luck" with

that one too.

The "southern conservatives" aka "Blue Dogs" have bolted the Democrat party here.

They are now either Republicans, or "no party." ("Independent" cannot be a party option in Louisiana)

There is also a small group forming a "Conservative Party" in Louisiana now.

So True.....

You said It Better Than I Could...

Sue Everhart tried to

Sue Everhart tried to pressure the GA delegates into signing a pledge to vote for Romney. One courageous delegate (Catherine, but I've forgotten her last name) told Sue that she wasn't about to be bullied.


The establishment don't take too kindly to us infiltrating their good ol' boy club down in the dirty south



#RNCisajoke this should be trending on Twitter in every American city 24/7.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

What happens if you don't

What happens if you don't sign it? What happens if they vote for Ron Paul anyway?

They Call The FBI And Take You To A "Psch Ward" in VA.

Welcome To Amerika 2012

By now

Everyone should pretty much realized there are no longer any voting rights in this country. Ron Paul lost this presidential run due to election fraud. It was so easy they then decided to just keep going.

Where is the media? nowhere.

Where is Ron Paul, or his campaign, nowhere.

ding ding ding, we have a winner

"Where is Ron Paul, or his campaign, nowhere."

This is the question EVERY Paulbot should be asking.

Enough attacking everyone under the sun except Ron Paul for not addressing the root of the problem. Of all people, Ron himself should be standing up for us not cutting backroom deals with the RNC.

stand where?

Where should Ron Paul stand?

haven't they pretty-much

haven't they pretty-much stripped all the Paul delegates to begin with? I mean the GOP just basically went state to state and made their own delegates with nothing more than a whimper from the campaign. And then when they did speak up they compromised when Paul had all the delegates to start out with.

He has become a public spectacle.

By his disenfranchisement, the veil has been rent, letting us clearly the see the beast that lurks behind. His calm sacrifice without speaking a word against the blows upon him gives life to the revolution, energizing us to action. Dr. Paul has read the Bible well.

Rule 38

Federal Election laws, RNC cousel has already said no delegates are bound. Do we need 500 real (honest)attorneys standing by every delegate?

How did we get down to only 3

How did we get down to only 3 delegates in Georgia?

Georgia cheated early on, big

Georgia cheated early on, big time. County conventions...

I know, I was there

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite