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Rides for Ron Paul: call for rides in Tampa...

Call or text 512-789-9971 (my personal cell#) if you need a ride.

I'm here to support the good Doctor and his delegates/alternates. I am not one (delegate, alternate or a guest to the convention). If you decide to call me please be aware of the following:

1. I am using a rented car so no smoking please!
2. I don't know where I'll be when you call/text so call a little ahead.
3. I have no idea how many requests I'll get so if I get swamped I might not be able to accommodate some. I'll do what I can.
4. I'm doing this to contribute to the cause so you don't have to pay me anything. If you can afford a couple of bucks to chip in for gas I'll accept that but it's not expected.
5. I might regret posting my personal cell# but heck with it. Please be respectful.
6. If anyone else is willing and able to give rides perhaps they can post their numbers as replies to this post(?).

Credit to Don Zimmerman - long-time Liberty Activist from Austin, TX - for the idea.

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being of service to others

a living testimony, we must all emulate this !
cruisin the battlefield of Tampa, rounding up the troops, how sweet !
oh, how I wish that were me. no guts -no glory !

RP Personal Taxi Service

That's great!

Thank you!

Non-delegate RP supporters welcome...

You're welcome. I didn't make clear that I'm happy to help out ANY RP supporters I can. Not just delegates and alternates.

No-one but Paul!