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I'm At My Hotel In Tampa: Attn Delegates

I am at my hotel in tampa I'm trying to coordinate with delegates here, but I'm hearing nothing, wtf is the deal. Where is everybody I was at paulfest, the sun dome and whiskey joes all I heard was rumors and here say. I need to know what the hell were doing tommorow

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there is a support structure contact me!!

lets get you plugged into it!!

got it thanks...

sent you a reply!

make off

you are a romney delegate and ask a romney delegate. They know what's up.

Keepin' it real.

TheTruthHurts - What state

TheTruthHurts -
What state are you from? Try to nominate Ron Paul and vote for him no matter what!

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin



Have you tried to convince

Have you tried to convince Rmney supporters in your delegation? Please do.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin


you will be leading the charge of the Paul Brigade right up mittys
ass forever banging the Liberty Bell till their teeth fall out their souless heads. Good hunting !

LOve the R3volution

B A M !!

Sounds like my HS football coach.

Check with your fellow RP'rs & the State Coordinator

I'm surprised you don't know them? Is this a troll thing?

the campaign

Is m.i.a and I'm not kidding

They sure are MIA

As I stated many times, the campaign does NOT want to help in anyway and embarass Rand with his new friends.

Its truly a shame, for they could have easily of coordinated a nomination from the floor, but chose not to.

TheTruthHurts is telling the truth


Love it gp!

Sounds like you would have made a heck of good platoon leader!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~