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Last Push Sign Wave at the RNC

Join us for the Last Push sign wave. We will be campaigning for Dr Paul tomorrow in the campaigning zone at the RNC. We have balloons, signs, and banners. Please encourage supporters to show up early and spread the word! We must show our presence! We are the future!

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Do NOT let this happen again!

Where was everyone lining the street when Dr. Paul and the delegates were leaving the Sun Dome? Danton was out there by himself doing what we in Tampa were asked to do by Dr. Paul.

Check out his post rally sign wave photos and story and pahleez, don't let it happen again.


Thank you for being there to

Thank you for being there to support Dr. Paul, I wish I could have made it down there!

If you know someone in Tampa

let them know about this ASAP!

Bump! If you're there - call

Bump! If you're there - call in sick whatever - here's a last chance to show the #(%) rnc that we are here to stay!

Last Push Sign Wave

i'm so there!!! 8-)

SPOOON!!! 8-)