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Who to Vote For?

RP gave a fantastic speech today. In his Libertarian spirit, he seemed to promote the 3rd party candidate. My question, have we not learned from the past? The margin is is very narrow between Obama and Romney. Ross Perot was absolutely correct with his charts showing our financial demise but his voters (me) saw how our 2-party system would not allow a 3rd party to prevail. Ron Paul has taught us to respect the history and insight of our Founders. I do not want to support the 2-party monster, but I do not want to repeat the Ross Perot failure to get Obama re-elected.

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Neither Romney nor Obama is

Neither Romney nor Obama is going to reverse the increasing encroachments of civil liberties here at home.

Neither Romney nor Obama is going to end the destruction of lives and livelihoods of people abroad, most of whom have done nothing wrong except happen to be born in the wrong country.

Neither Romney nor Obama is going to avert the economic calamity this country is facing.

It doesn't matter which of them gets elected. The details are different; the overarching policies are not.

Short of a catastrophic event between now and election day, a third party candidate won't be elected in November. But you can at least make a statement.