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Libertarian Solution to School Shootings?

I feel like there have been an exponential increase in school shootings in the last several years. I have heard many people who are basically begging for stricter gun control laws, which I obviously oppose. I am wondering what people think the best solution for this is? Are school shootings and violence like this just going to happen more now that information is so much more easily obtainable via the internet? What do people think?

Thanks in advance.

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I have a solution to school shootings

I have a solution to school shootings.

Here's my solution.

End the welfare state and let the people enjoy 100% of the money they earn thru honest work.

Doing so, everybody will get more wealth for themselves by natural means and this will lower their envy and the induced materialistic bitterness in this rat race that Big Government forces us to put up with.

By people becoming less and less materialistic, they will get more time to spend with their kids about the true pure and grand values of life.

To start with : to respect life itself.

Then, the kids will be better prepared to distinguish what is archaic violent games entertainment from actual murder of other human beings.

Makes sense ?

'Hope this helps.

1. I only spoke for my faith in my only one true LORD, Jesus.

2. there is no solution to this problem thru politics, and even less, thru any form of government or legal laws

3. the solution resides in the families' hearts and self-sustained well being, and self-esteem

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We need to educate our kids about consequences, let them know its never acceptable to take a life.

Raise your kids right, be active in your schools, get to know everyone you can, including other kids. Its not hard to spot the depressed or mentally distraught.

Keeping morale high is truely the only way to fix it. We could add gun control or cops in schools more and more, however unless someone has a sense of honor or respect for others, how can you stop him/her really?? how can you hope to prevent those that dont respect authority?

I think this problem will fix itself. The kids just growing up WERE the generation that lived through it, so I think the next generation will be the ones being raised proper. Everything in life goes in up and down cycles.

We had high lack of respect, high depression, and mass shootings, those who lived through it will teach thier kids to be respectful, will show thier kids love, and the shootings will be lower.

End compulsory attendance laws

Forced sequestration of children who have nothing in common other than geography and chronological age is a recipe for disaster.