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Romney Power Grab Shows Stalinist Mentality, Disqualifies Him from Nomination

I think everyone is reeling in such shock at the extent of the power grab that even we have not plumbed the depths of its implications. For this reason, we can accept no compromise, but now must argue for a move to dump Romney.

Party leaders do not select party members in anything but totalitarian societies. It is the "vanguard" rationale, which places all other considerations as subservient to the vision of the ruling committee, Politburo, in moving the nation toward their goals and their goals alone.

Another consequence: If Mitt Romney can select only delegates who will vote for him, he can select delegates who will approve any further rules changes. The rough-and-tumble fight over rules changes taking place now will be the last. The entire party will become no more than a rubber stamp for one man. The representation of the grassroots by selecting their delegates will amount to nothing.

Perhaps the most frightening implication is that, under this kind of system, the only path to change is violent revolution. There is no longer any process for give and take, and the "happy medium" being found of which the Founders spoke. The ordinary man is locked out. Party membership is no longer a civic virtue but a path to money and power, under a chain of command in which no dissent is tolerated whatsoever.

I am merely putting forth the proposition that perhaps we should now wonder if Willard Mittney Romney is even a sane man, even as far as often narcissistic presidential candidates go. In the Ben Swann interview, Swann hints, without saying it, that Romney is a pathological liar. Romney stating he had no knowledge of the power grab, even though his own campaign proposed it, is reminiscent of the Romney who denies remembering having a gay boy held down in prep school while he cut his hair.

More than the ability to lie shamelessly, it is the Romney who has no inkling of any bounds except what he can get away with. It is the Romney who believes most people are weak, and bold audacity is greatly rewarded. Too many times he has been proven right.

As great statesmen know, no victory can ever appease this psychological type. Every capitulation is only a probe, perceived as an invitation to take more, and more.

It has long been assumed that it would be the Left that they would come for first if open fascism ever came to this country. Others have said no, they were not a problem. The problem would be the principled Right. Hitler could not consolidate power until the old Prussian aristocrats were under control, men not used to being abused, who were enraged at giving up ancient prerogatives. In a surprise move Hitler swept away many of this class who opposed him almost overnight.

What is it that Dr. Paul was trying to tell us when he said he could not "completely endorse" Romney? Is there something more to this cryptic message?

Exclusive: Fox News Grills Romney Over His "Power Grab" of Republican Party

Interview of Romney friend says bullying was "very disturbing," turned into an "assault" (AUDIO)

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Right, remember those

Right, remember those so-called democratic elections in Iraq where Saddam Hussein and Ba'ath Party won 100% of votes and there was only 1 candidate's name on the ballots? Or was it Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan? Maybe both. Same thing with NSDAP with Hitler's power grab. And Stalin controlling 100% of Comrades in КПСС and so on...

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

And the very first people Romney and those who run him will

purge, are the very RNC thugs who put him where he is, so they don't get uppity and start thinking he owes them something. Hitler's purges started with the SA. The patterns of history never change.

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

Rob us or Oblamo for Dictator is that the choice?

not for me.

Another Power Grab


Check out this thread, please. This is another thing that everyone (especially delegates) needs to be aware of ASAP!

I'm convinced that either Romney, his campaign, and\or the other establishment people have completely lost their minds. The only question is: Will everyone see it in time?

It is perfectly fitting that the RNC commits the very acts

that their rhetoric decries Obama for committing against America.