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They are fishing for the real vote count

I think Team Romney does not have the votes in the bag yet, all these sign the pledge, Pre-counts, etc. are there to see how many votes they have.

The rumor on the floor should be Romney does not have the votes, conservative backlash coming.

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Delegates make the rules.

Go out and take that hill!!!!

Yes spread the news.


As a matter of fact, pretent two of you are Romney supporters.
Then place doubts on other Romney supporters...tell them lets go see whats happening with Ron Paul. Go chat with a few from other states.
Pretent you are getting educated.

What "Romney will not end Healthcare??
What OMG he had mandatory healthcare in MA as Governor? OMG i didnt know that!!!! Are you sure?
What...his taxes will be exposed by the media after the nomination to crush him (8o)OMG What?
No way...we will loose this thing to Obama ..4 more yrs to Communism!!
What about Ron Paul on all this.
Does he have a chance.
Where is he speaking.
There must be videos online arent there??? >>>>""Predictions video""

Spread This to Other Romney Delegates!

With all the crap that Romney has been pulling, everyone is pissed off at him. Spreading this speculation that he doesn't have enough votes yet to win the nomination might help to instill further doubt about Romney's chances and cause them to instead vote their conscience for somebody else.

no doubt

the rats are fleeing the sinking ship