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Is Romney an undercover Obama campaign operative?

Doesn't Mitt realize we are all seeing what he is doing and he is turning off voters by the droves? I am beginning to feel that he is a total idiot or an undercover Obama campaign operative!

Ask some of the Romney Delegates that question and see what they think. I am really interested in their input.

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It's sure felt that way for awhile now.

TPTB have ensured success either way. Still hoping for a miracle later today. Still not sure how many stealth and NON Romney delegates will come out of the trenches to fight. With their new rules, they've even managed to drive away some Romney delegates.

The only difference in mittens and obama

is that mittens wears magic underwear...

Yes he is

It is so obvious. The master is the same, it is just a game for servants to be calm and happy.

Have said it before, and will say it again,

Romney was never in it to win against Barry, but if by some miracle he is voted in as the POTUS, he will serve the same masters as Obama does.