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Embracers of the Constitution are baffled by what’s really in it

Voters see rights they don’t have

TAMPA, Fla. — They say they stand for a return to constitutional principles, but it turns out tea party supporters are just as confused as to what rights and powers are in the federal government’s founding document, according to the latest The Washington Times/JZ Analytics poll.

Most Americans say they’ve read all or most of the Constitution, but they tend to see more rights than the document actually guarantees, and struggle over what the Constitution says about the powers and structure of government itself.

For example, 92 percent of those surveyed said the Constitution guarantees the right to a jury trial, but only 40 percent knew that it grants Congress the power to coin money, and just 53 percent said it establishes Congress‘ power to levy an income tax.
And voters thought they had protections that they don’t have — at least not in the Constitution: 71 percent said the it protected the right to a secret ballot and 58 percent said it guarantees a right to education, though neither appears in the document.

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99.9% of government seemingly doesn't know

any of it, which is far far worse.

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Another Failure

This is an example of another failure of the public (government) school system. When the founders said a requirement for a free society is an educated society this is what they were referring to. They did not mean the public should be educated to be good workers. Perhaps if we just paid the teachers more this could be fixed.

It just goes to show.

There is a crying need for Americans to study their Constitution and Declaration of Independence along with the Federalist Papers if they want to return to Constitutional government.

I think it would help their understanding if the Amendments were integrated into the body of the Constitution so that the part that has been amended can be seen immediately. Otherwise one can believe e.g. that the legislatures of the States are empowered to elect their Senators (Article 1 Section 3) which they were responsible for doing until April 8, 1913 when the 17th. Amendment changed that to direct elections, a process that is much more easily controlled as we have seen. That was certainly a busy year for the oligarchy.

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