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If Anyone Sees Lori Sotelo At The "Republican" Convention In Tampa...

...please tell her what a rotted, lying cheater she is.

She is a Romney delegate from Washington State.

She is also King County Republican chair-woman with an inner HATE for Ron Paul and his supporters.

She tried to suppress us in numerous King County caucuses and even (illegally) shut down the 37th district caucus and kicked the Paul delegates outside.

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I have had several run ins with Lori

At our last district convention,the Paul people did a walk out.
Lori locked all the doors to make sure we couldn't get back in
(not that we wanted back in).So the people left inside were locked in
and any Romney supporter trying to get in was locked out.Lori grabbed
her camera and took pictures of us through the glass in the door
so we took pictures of her taking pictures of us.The King County
GOP is rottan to the core and as a PCO,I have my work cut out for me!

God sees her!

And all the other cheaters are in His full view!
He hates this wickedness that is taking place.

I pray we as a people ask His forgiveness and turn from our ways that He move many hearts to choose the one honest, God fearing man, that our nation may be healed.

Eternal Father, help us, is our cry!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~