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Doug Casey - "There really are no political solutions at this point."

Doug puts into words the biggest concern I've had all along about The GREAT Ron Paul and how, if elected President, President Paul would be in an extremly tough situation. I'd absolutly HATE for President Paul to be the one at the helm when the ship of state sinks...and there is really nobody left that I'm aware of that thinks there is any way to avoid the looming great great depression and ultimately the collapse of the dollar.

Excerpt from Doug Casey Article posted on LRC today:

But let's indulge in a fantasy and say Ron Paul somehow became President. Even if the Supreme Court didn't overturn everything he did as unconstitutional, Ron would have another, even bigger, obstacle with the US Congress. They would impeach him. In addition, he would find that the people, average Americans, would be bitterly unhappy about having all the government freebies taken away; they would want to lynch him.

Even if, through some miracle, the Supreme Court, the Congress, or the rioting mobs didn't remove him from office, he would still have to deal with the three million government employees, starting with the people who run the praetorian agencies – FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, DEA and others. He'd likely get a very forthright and disturbing talking to. The government as a whole – absolutely including the Pentagon – would, at a minimum, scheme against him.

So I'm afraid that's the long answer to your question. There really are no political solutions at this point, not within the current framework.


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