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Why is this lawsuit not on here?

Delegates bullied? Beaten? Over 400 delegates involved in a lawsuit and not a peep here? Am I missing something?


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Yes, where are those Lawyers

Yes, where are those Lawyers For Ron Paul? What happened to that federal rule that says that all delegates, voting for a federal office like U.S. president, are unbound? What's all this sign your intended candidate before the RNC seats you stuff?



Dismissed. Finished. Caput.

Dismissed. Finished. Caput. Bad idea to begin with in my opinion.


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The case was dismissed with prejudice

it's a done deal although the attorney is still blathering on about the Appellate Court filing that he thinks is going to save the day.

I warned him with this information to get a change of venue/another Judge but he wouldn't listen as soon he announced that Judge Carter was "randomly picked" to hear the case.


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The Judge assigned to the case wouldn't have

even made it onto the list of the Top 500 reasons that the lawsuit was destined to fail. That it would fail, was clear from the very instant of Richard Gilbert's (a/k/a “Patriot Press_USA Free Press”) 1st post 3 months ago.
But, you can just ask him about it, he's still running around here, impersonating another California attorney, Scott Anthony McMillan, under the handle, nebolaw.


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Where the heck have you been for the last 3 months phenn

It's been up on the actives in numerous posts almost every day for the last 3 months and it failed miserably a few days ago. Dismissed with prejudice.

There's probably twenty threads about it floating around here.

Type the words RNC Lawsuit in the little search box in the blue bar above and wait a second, don't hit enter or click the magnifying glass - just let the drop down list fill up.