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A Message from Australia

Probably posted this in the wrong section but here we go.

I've been following the Daily Paul forums ever since it was created. I was too shy to join up and participate however I thought I should write up my very first thread on the eve of when our delegates attend the RNC.

I hope that the delegates don't forget that they are our voice. The voice of the whole Liberty movement, whether it is in the United States, Australia, England, Germany or any other country.

Ron Paul has changed my life I remember when I first heard him speak in 2007. I was only 15, and I wondered how a man significantly older than myself could make me feel so inspired for liberty? Fast forward to 2012, I'm older and yet Ron Paul has changed my university degree (Economics/Political Science.). My view on the world has changed I believed in war now I cannot fathom my disgust for these endless, pointless wars. When a question comes my way that is controversial, I often say What Would Ron Do(WWRD)?

I'm going to find it hard after Ron leaves congress, no longer will I listen to his speeches when he is on the floor. However the liberty movement will never die out, Ron lit a fire in all of us and that fire is eternal. A Revolution is here and we are here to stay. And you all have done so well to carry this message, and achieve so much especially in 2012 - no one thought we could achieve anything, however we had the establishment extremely worried winning more than five states. So worried, that they had to break so many rules just to silence our voice, hopefully now they have learn't that we will never be silenced.

I guess I just wanted to create this thread, reminding everyone that Ron Paul's message has reached as far as Australia. And I guess I just want to reminisce on the 5 years that have changed my life and have no doubt changed yours.

Thanks DailyPaul and Ron Paul!

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New Zealand is thinking the

New Zealand is thinking the exact same thing.

I've been news ever since I was created. Even lying in bed.

This will be my first reply to your message. Your message gives me comfort... And I thank you for sending your thoughts.

Your message has reached Halley's Comet. That is more than most can claim. When you get a chance, sail for the Americas. Despite the troubling news here, it is quite nice & most folks are friendly.

A good story is in the telling. Thank you for telling yours. Here is a story I read to my daughter. Each surprise... surprised us both.

---------------------- Mark Twain from Australia ------------------


I went to interview him [Mark Twain] at his hotel and, sending up my card, received this reply: -- "Mark Twain is in bed, tired, and likes it so much that he is going to stay there all day." But I caught him next time.

* * * * *

He sat up in his chair and said: "Max O'Rell, like some other hastening globe-trotters, has written a book on Australia--so he may think. He forms decisions, conclusions, quicker than I; he has been going about for, say, 10 or 12 years, whereas I have been travelling, watching, and listening--waiting for each subtle sense of suggestion since I was 14. Now I am 60. How could he, or I, or anyone, from glances snatched in a fleeting passage, hope to divine what is real, what is fundamental in the character of this young nation? I have caught impressions--mere impressions--just as a bird would skimming over a forest--but what could that bird learn of the life and spirit underneath?

* * * * *

"I would not like to say what I think is my best book, for I like them all; and I could not say what I think is my worst, for I don't think there is one of them like that. But the book of mine which gave me the greatest pleasure is Huckleberry Finn because years after I had written it, and long after it had been wholly erased from the pages of my memory, I took it up and read it to my daughter, who was ill. It was new to her; it was new to me. As the reading proceeded, I didn't know what to expect--a surprise came as a genuine surprise--a genuine pleasure. ...

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul



"" We will never be silenced.""!

Thank you for these great words, and speaking up for worldwide FREEDOM from tyranny ! ! ! !


Thnx for this post

BUMP from Croatia

Hear Hear

I second that!

Ron Paul's message is alive and well in Canada

and will never be forgotten. It is a life lesson.

Canada loves Ron Paul and the Revolution will not end.

God speed to the delegates.
May truth, integrity, and the constitution, prevail!

I too will miss his speeches

I too will miss his speeches and interviews.

Wow !

Wonderful uplifting post. Thank you so much !! It is an epic battle. God bless the Ron Paul Delegates !!!

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain