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POLL: Over/Under 10 years If Robama is elected.

Please up vote if you think 10+ years is probable

Please down vote if you think 10- years is probable

Please be honest and truthful to the best of your ability, Try and remove emotion tied to any particular opinion.

If you would like, Include your estimates and maybe a quick reason why.

Thank you,


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10 years to what?

10 years until the Colts win another Super Bowl? 10 years until the Mets win the World Series? 10 Years until the Whalers return to Hartford? 10 years until Rand Paul is elected President? 10 years until we return to the gold standard? 10 years until the end of the age? 10 Years until Obama, Romney and Bernanke all admit that Ron Paul was right? 10 years to what or for what?

I don't understand your question

10 yrs. of what? Be more specific and I will vote.