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Delegate Strategy VS Ballot Access Strategy

The Ron Paul Campaign insisted that the name of the game was delegates. Conclusion? Some delegates were taken away, the rest were put to the back of the stadium, rules were changed so it’s harder to try this strategy again, and hopes of Ron Paul being President are over.

The Libertarian Party’s strategy has been ballot access. Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states. Unlike Paul, Gary could technically win the Presidency (unlikely though). Gary could also play spoiler to Romney, which actually might help make it possible for Rand Paul to run in 2016. If Romney wins, it’s unlikely Rand would challenge Romney. The campaign didn’t challenge him when they were competing against Romney in the primaries, why would they challenge him mid-term?

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The Delegate Strategy

was better because the masses will never vote 3rd party, following the "Ross Perot" scare tactic. While it will be a slow process, working within the Republican party has gained a couple of footholds, particularly on the state and local levels. Surprisingly, the RNC has revealed themselves with the disenfrachisement of delegates, and the rule changes they are implementing. While it may have been directed at Liberty supporters, they have awakened the many Tea Party factions and other delegations as well, which has made it a big enough story to hit Yahoo news, etc. Without the RNC sticking their foot in it, they may have been able to fly under the radar.

Gotta be in it for the long haul, folks.

I think its the epitome of

I think its the epitome of rude and disrespectful to keep shoving GJ at us while our delegates are in Tampa fighting the RNC to get Ron Paul into nomination.

The time for Monday morning quarterbacking is after the game.

Blessings )o(

It's irrelevant asking

It's irrelevant asking questions about 2016....Don't you get it by now?

Expect the Euro to collapse after American election 2012! Expect seizure orders placed on private gold ownership. Expect American Constitution to be rescinded and a military rule dictatorship to be instituted. Expect mandatory military draft. Expect unprovoked aggression against Iran using bases in Turkey and Poland. Think TSA, NDAA, CISPA, Monsatan, Patriot act, drug war, domestic drone program.... are evil?

Get ready for a dark, dark 2013 and a dark decade ahead. Will be a repeat of 1929 to 1945. Could be even worse because technology has become frighteningly more advanced now.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!