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Abstinence: The only way to prevent an unwanted presidency.

Can Romney still be denied the nomination if enough delegates abstain from the first round of voting? Is abstinence our last hope to prevent an unwanted presidency, stop the wars, create sound money, create a free and prosperous society, have a future?

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Maybe we should all abstain from voting

in the Presidential election. ??

I Nominate...

cedgo. For most creative and engaging play on words!!!

Exercise Liberty.

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad

If the new rule passes, then it won't matter because they

won't be counted as "abstinences" they'll be counted as votes for Romney (because they failed to "affirmatively" vote as they were 'bound')

Then those delegates who abstained will be considered resigned and will not be credentialed the next day. (like it matters after the vote, but still...) They may even be removed from the Convention hall.

Awesome title!

Awesome title!

Awesome title!

What about that little threat I heard that if a delegate abstains that the RNC will just count that vote for their chosen overlord Romney? Any truth in that?

We would need around 350

We would need around 350 delegates bound to Romney to abstain. Remember Santorum still hasn't released his delegates.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

Yes he has, just a few days ago.

Not sure what that has to do with bound delegates abstaining though.

I didn't think Romney had enough bound delegates.

I thought he only had 600-800 and he was relying on "super delegates" to make up the rest, along with his "inevitability" to sway the remaining unbound delegates.

As soon as the RNC reads this thread

As soon as the RNC reads this thread, they'll probably have a rule whipped up to prevent a delegate from abstaining.


play on words! Wit and Wisdom at the DP!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
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Bump ++


Free includes debt-free!

It Would Seem Like 1144 Votes Are Needed.

To get the official nomination.

If there are less than 1144 on the first ballot Mr. Romney will NEVER get nominated, because then other candidates, including Ron Paul, can be nominated from the convention floor, is the way I understand how this convention stuff works, and has worked in the past.

Therefore, you are correct, if delegates decide to SAVE the Constitution and vote for the USA's founding principles, they will not vote for Mr. Romney on the first ballot, but abstain, be sick, etc. and never allow a proxy vote from a neo-con war monger to replace your hard earned voting opportunity.

Ron Paul is already my President !


If the power grab rule passes, they'll just "deem"

Mitt Romney nominated and that will be that.

If there is a vote and he fails, they'll just declare one didn't need an absolute majority and instead just needed a majority of those voting yea or nay.

Or they'll acknowledge the vote, and then declare him nominated anyway by vote of 3/4 of the RNC.

These asshats care nothing for procedure or rules or law. They are going to do whatever the hell it is they want to do.

Make no mistake.

The only way for anything different to happen is an all out brawl where THEY end up in the slammer.


Love the comments, too funny. I'm not a huge fan of abortion but in this case, ABORT! ABORT!

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-Thomas Paine


can we abort him if that doesn't work?

abort the aborter! may he burn in hell!

abort the ABORTER ABORT THE ABORTER ABORT THE ABORTER. countless unborn who were allowed to be killed under rMoneys rule in Massachusetts need not die in vein! ABORT THE ABORTER! down with romney the false god! may he burn in hell for his treacheries!

or we could put him up for

or we could put him up for adoption to a nice middle class family since Dr. Paul doesn't agree with abortion :p

How about a family in Gitmo

How about a family in Gitmo or Afghanistan?