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I pulled a muscle in my back today and got on Youtube to find out what I should do right now to help myself, and to hopefully find out how to prevent it. I found this video to be helpful, but most of all, I couldn't help but smile and share this on the DP when I noticed the top comment on this video. haha. enjoy.


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Ron Paul 2016. Let the GOP know we will be back.

Check out Dr. Joel Wallach. Full health requires 60 essential minerals which we cannot get from our foods as the soils are also deficient.

In the mean time throw a half a cup of Epsom Salts in warm bathwater and soak your back. Magnesium Sulfate of the salts will relax the muscle and quiet the screaming nerves.

Thanks for the link and the laugh!

Free includes debt-free!

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Thanks for sharing...made me laugh..:) Gotta love us Ron Paul supporters...seems we are everywhere now!

Included in my change

at the grocery store checkout last night was a $5 bill with the words,

Vote Ron Paul 2012
Win A Free Country