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Among the Paulites in Tampa - Jeff Taylor

"I’m a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

First, two disclaimers: (1) In writing about proceedings in Tampa, I’m speaking for myself, not for my state delegation, state party, or any other group. (2) Any criticism of Mitt Romney should not be interpreted as praise for Barack Obama. I have no use for Obama. I don’t support his reelection.

While convention managers might prefer that delegates act as mere props in a carefully-choreographed production—our role limited to clapping for approved speakers and two minutes hate for Democrats— I don’t believe any of us have forfeited our minds or our consciences by becoming delegates.

I support the Ron Paul wing of the Republican Party. Admittedly, it’s not perfect. The message of the “Liberty Movement” is often lopsided. Liberty is wonderful but it’s not everything. There is also community. And democracy. And morality. And justice for all. Thankfully, the movement includes at least portions of each and a large helping of peace. I contend that Congressman Paul was the best candidate for president, in either party, in 2008 and 2012. Obama backers who notice a splinter in Paul’s eye should worry more about the beam in Obama’s. Obama is far worse. His views have been much more harmful and most of his actions just plain wrong."


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Very well written Mr. Taylor.