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Death of Poltics As A Course Of Action

"As Mitt Romney‘s muscle men were surrounding and carving up their kill, deciding how many pounds of the people’s flesh to gorge themselves on, they came up with a solution to their biggest problem moving forward: What to do with Republicans who don’t play ball, and hold fast to their principles in the face of absolute power? Their natural solution was to cut them out of the process altogether.

Not satisfied with the normal voter intimidation of physical and verbal assaults, arrests, lawsuits and ignoring of the voters will; the Mitt Romney campaign and legal team came up with a bulletproof way to “cut the cancer” of the grassroots out of the process: They simply decided to write and pass a rule that rips the delegate process out of the hands of the grassroots, and into the hands of the elite themselves. The new rule allows the nominee to select delegates to his liking… The 50 state party’s and primaries mean…. NOTHING! So now instead of harassing you and ignoring you, they are eliminating you, your voice, your views, your will, from interfering with their aims. And you can bet none of those will have ANYTHING to do with your particular interests.

Against the wars? Forget it. Don’t like the new Trade Agreement with Columbia, shut up! Don’t like the fact that the presumptive (preselected) candidate has histories of being for and against gun control, health care, and abortion? Don’t like the fact that they don’t disclose their donors or financial information but pass a health care bill that calls for the highest tax increase during a depression no less.. Mandatory mental health screenings and the possibility that you may be denied the right to a firearm for self-defense, or a job, because your views are not politically correct enough to the government‘s liking? Nevermind the fact that you may have a problem with your taxpayer money going to multinational corporations, as bonuses after they already made trillions out of fraud, that was enabled by their friends in DC‘s criminally negligent lackadaisical enforcement preferences.

Want to have a say in your child’s education, health care, values, and activities… no thanks. Want to have your views and opinions and redress of grievances expressed, forget it. Not only will they eliminate your vote, they will eliminate ever having to worry about you being in a position to impose your will on ANYTHING, in the party, and by extension in the public arena. You are just supposed to sit down, shut up, and trust the Criminals In Action…

The only rights that are inalienable and unlimited are those for the elite, the globalist corporations, and their loyalist armies in the halls of congress. The only rights that are few, and each and every day becoming fewer are those of We, The People.

Politics is officially DEAD as a means of preserving and restoring order… Now the people must decide if their rights are worth saving, by asserting them in the face of limitless corruption, deceit, and ruthless force that is applied to anyone brave enough to stand up for them. Politics will NOT save us. Only WE, the People can save ourselves…"


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"Those who make peaceful

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."


NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.