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When Ya Got Money In the Bank

“People say, ‘Well, you've been talking about this for 30 years and what do you have to show for it? How many bills have you passed?' Well, not too many and thank goodness. If my success had been measured by passing bills and getting people to support them, I would've had to go their way to get their votes.” - Ron Paul

This is why I love this guy. Everything he says, he means wholeheartedly. You know what you get if you vote for this guy. It just so happens that I agree with him on pretty much everything. Monetary policy reform, Individual Liberty, a Strong Defense by bringing home our troops and protecting our boarders, a foreign policy of PEACE and free trade creating alliances with no nation. A trillion dollars cut from the budget in his first year. A balanced budget by his 3rd year. Cleansing capitol hill from all the lobbyists who represent greedy corporations. Auditing the federal reserve. Restoring power to state and local governments. Getting the fed out of our personal lives. Promoting freedom by empowering people to be responsible for their own destinies.

Unfortunately, these next three days will lead to the coronation of Romney becoming the Republican presidential candidate. I don't know how it came to be this way. I have yet to see a Romney bumper sticker, yet I've seen hundreds of Paul signs. I have yet to see a Romney rally that has had more people or been more enthusiastic than a Paul rally. I have yet to find a detailed plan by Romney addressing the debt crisis, yet Paul has the plan to "Restore America" which would of cut 1 trillion in his first year. I have yet to meet someone who says they like Mitt Romney, yet I work with at least 3 others who supported Ron Paul. All I ever year from republicans is that, "I don't care, he's still better than Obama." All I ever think is, "this country deserves better than both."

Ask yourselves this: What does Mitt Romney have to show for his career in government? More importantly, does he have at least one principle that he has remained consistent on for the entire duration of his political career? Answer me that! Please answer me that. I need a better reason than being better than Obama to vote for him. Why must I compromise my principles?

Excuse my English but,

I guess when you got money in the bank,
It don't matter how bad your sh** stank!

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