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More Dirty Tricks?

This is from a friend's Facebook wall. I know the delegate who called him. - "I just got a call from Gabe Lanz and he wanted me to get this out to everybody. They are headed from the hotel to the RNC. Busses are running an hour late, supposedly being held up in security. Iowa delegates were able to get on the first bus at 12:50 eastern but roll call at the convention is at 2pm. The bus ride takes an hour. They aren't sure they will make it in time. Alternate Delegates (Gabe and many others) are still waiting for the second bus to transport them. An empty bus pulled up and would not let the Iowa Alternates on and the driver told them he had instruction not to let them on. We don't know if this is part of a plan to keep the Iowa Delegation from voting or being to the convention on time but Gabe has suspicions. He asked me to get this information out to The Daily Paul but I don't know how to do that. Please make this go viral. Gabe will be updating me with any current information and I will attempt to keep you up on what's going on."

New info and Correction from Gabe Lanz - "It wasn't the driver who said we couldn't get on, it's the volunteers who volunteers dispatched in charge of helping coordinate the transportation.

We are probably going to drive ourselves in and try and figure out somewhere to park. "

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The dirty tricks.......

just never end with Sh*tt Romney.


More dirty tricks, for sure, IMO

Free includes debt-free!

why the fuck

are they staying an hour away in the first place?

Hotels at RNC

Each state delegation is assigned a hotel. It's almost impossible to find other accommodations. It's also a huge ripoff. Delegates are required to book 5 nights at exorbitant prices. Before taxes the Iowa delegation is paying about $1250, just for their rooms.

Maybe they could chip in for a cab




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will continue to bump until the thread catches on