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The "Corrupt" GOP Critical Information

There have been countless posts and comments that express a sentiment decrying the "Corrupt GOP" in those specific words or words to that effect.

While it is true that, at a minimum, the individuals holding positions of power in the GOP are, without exception, 100% corrupt; viewing the problem we must overcome to succeed, with that view, will cause our movement to fail.

The critical reality we face is that the entire system has been completely corrupt for a very long time. We are witnessing part of the reality of the all encompassing corruption, the GOP part, because we have been getting deeper into the GOP part of the totally corrupted total system.

If we had gone as deep in the DEM Party process as we have in the GOP Party process, we would have exposed and witnessed exactly equal levels of corruption.

It is critical for the movement to not think in terms of PARTY; any Party. Parties are one of the key tools used to maintain the corruption by keeping the non-corrupt powerless. It is also critical for the movement to not think in terms of "LEADERS" because this is also a critical tool for keeping power as the exclusive domain of the corrupt. If our goal is a return to a state where each of us are at LIBERTY to LEAD our own lives as our own LEADER-Why do we have so many among us constantly looking for and promoting "LEADERS" to Lead us to an end state of No Leaders?

PARTIES and LEADERS-CONCENTRATE POWER-allowing corruption to take firm root and persist because it makes it economically feasible for the few that are ruthlessly and permanently corrupt to elevate themselves to the few critical positions of CONCENTRATED POWER that control every decision of consequence.

Coming away from what we have experienced and witnessed to date that it is all due to a "Corrupt GOP" understates the true problem we face and fosters a view that will waste precious time before the true problem is dealt with effectively.

A final critical truth to come to grips with, the sooner the better; the LIBERTARIAN party is not exempt from "Party/Leader" corruption because anything that concentrates power fosters and ensures corruption. If you are currently of the view things would be different if only the levers of power were in the hands of Libertarian Party humans, then respectfully you are incorrect. Such views arise from a misunderstanding of how power concentration and human nature combine, proven repeatedly true throughout history, to the benefit of the humans with concentrated power and the detriment of the humans that are powerless.

Anything that concentrates power fosters corruption; dispersal of power fosters Individual LIBERTY which is the ultimate weapon against corruption and tyranny. The Framers understood this clearly-thus the U.S. CONSTITUTION as written and intended. The corrupt also understand this clearly-thus all the moves we see by them, large and small, to concentrate power in a few hands.

The entire concentrated power system is CORRUPT-because corruption works to concentrate power because concentrated power is the natural state of corruption.

The GOP is corrupt. We see the GOP corruption clearly because we are deep into the power centers of the GOP branch of the concentrated power corrupt system. It is not that the GOP is uniquely corrupt-it is that we have been in an increasingly better position to witness the concentrated power corruption system as it plays out in the GOP subset of the concentrated power systems corrupt whole. That reality would be the same if we could peer closely into the DEMS and any other label that is applied to a system that allows tremendous power in a few hands.

Please understand the truth of the above because until the critical mass of those in the movement understand that truth we have no hope of ultimate success in our quest for LIBERTY.

Thank you for reading and pondering this ultimate core of the problem we face.

Also, I request your + vote and comment/bump to allow all the opportunity to ponder this issue. Thanks in advance.

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Because human beings are

Because human beings are naturally herd animals. Thats why they naturally follow leaders like presidents, kings, etc. The best way to deal with that is creating a system of government that balances the power like how our constitution and political system was originally designed. Thats why we have an electoral college and not direct election which creates mob rule.

Interesting what you write, particularly that you mention-kings

Each generation thinks that they are uniquely different-on the whole-from all generations that preceded them.

For example, it is common for the vibrant-in the peak of their vibrancy-to think they invented sex. Though they are obvious evidence they did not invent sex-it is common for them to have difficulty in visualizing that act occurring amongst those that are now elder.

Back to "kings" and how it relates to the above. Generally people think they are somehow different in their nature from the nature of preceding generations. In our current time that falsehood is reinforced, for most, by what they perceive as near magic technology in their time. Few understand that, in each generation, the cutting edge technology, of the time, is perceived as "near magic" and thus adds to the perception of generational uniqueness. Yet, despite the "magic" technology of this generation, the fact that the youth, round the world, find "kings" perfectly normal-demonstrates, starkly, that human nature does not change.

Ipods and people that lord over others due to a divine right of biology?

This fact is critical to understand, that basic human nature has not changed for eons-despite technological advancements. Therefore, the lessons regarding how some humans exert dominion over the majority of humans through history are of primary relevance to this day.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Ever since 1796

This warning came while the country was less than 10 years old:


I will sum it up for you.

Vet and vote the person. Not the party.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Nice summation

I've always thought the whole party line (and organized religion)is a farce. Think individually, not buy into mob mentality = sheep

Yes, The entire system

has been completely corrupt for a very long time. We all know this, and yet somehow we forget to figure this into our strategies. Political Parties make sense as a strategy whereby like-minded people can improve their influence in the democratic process by agreeing to unite around a single candidate. In a fair system, parties could spring up at will, and their influence would be entirely determined by their numbers. In a fair system, we would already be a party.

I know that I'm preaching to the choir when I state that we have two monopoly parties who have been infiltrated to the point that the strings of their leaders are pulled by the same behind-the-scenes forces, the same forces that control the press. So why don't we, here on the Daily Paul, keep this in mind when planning strategy? Why do we keep the pretense that democracy in the USA is anything more than an illusion? The OP is right, that all this talk of parties will be our undoing. Parties do not have true access. The people who control the debates determine access.

I don't even believe that we will be "allowed" to take over the Republican Party. But I do believe that this is our best strategy, because as we march towards, and threaten, their power structure, we are exposing them. They need to keep up the pretense of democracy in order not to wake the sleeping majority. What we go after is not a party, but a pretense. In the past people have failed because they didn't have the numbers. Without the numbers, we will be working against ourselves; we we unintentionally help them keep the illusion alive. Thanks to Ron Paul and the internet, for the first time, we have the numbers.

We can not expose them by taking over a third party because there is no power to threaten in a third party. We can not expose them in the debates, because they will not allow access to a truly threatening candidate. We can outnumber them in one of their State Parties if we do not falter or get distracted. Yes they will fight back, but they will be exposing themselves as they do. Ultimately, this political war is a PR war. I propose that we keep increasing the pressure that forces them to expose themselves before the iron curtain falls here.


Thank you for your prompt action on my request. I knew your input would be excellent but you exceeded my very high expectations with your outstanding comments here.

Thank You Very Much My Friend.

You are a wise patriot, invaluable to our most critical cause.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in