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Report from Paulfestival Security with thanks to DP community.

From a security perspective, Paulfestival couldn't have gone better, we fielded about 20 people in the daytime and 3 people at night for the whole event.

Nobody died, no serious injuries, no physical combat, no theft, no vandalism, no property damage, no lost kids we didn't return, no lost adults we didn't orient and there weren't any problems with people getting major stoned or drunk. Not that there wasn't such activity in abundance in the camp grounds...

...almost every lost property returned but


The "worst" that happened is we had a bunch of journos and a set of people who seemed absolutely hellbent on sneaking in, sneaking around, we were infiltrated (predictable) and for the most part we know by who. And ironically the fairgrounds were also a staging ground for RNC security so we were elbow to elbow with THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of LEOs and Feds. They hassled our campers as they walked to and fro. We tried to get them to quit it. A compromise was reached. From a security perspective, not only did we work together in an amicable way, they bailed us out when one of our golf carts broke down with our night ops equipment on it. Gave us a ride to the camp site with our stuff in their trunk.

And having a camp ground, man was that cool. I LOVE 3 day events and I love them with camping. Going to a one day show is cool and you meet people quickly but a 3 day when you all camp you get to just spend TIME TOGETHER.

Tampa people really came through with supporting security with loaned equipment and food and water because the sheer size of this place, both the buildings and the walk to the camp grounds and the camps themselves, the horribly confusing way traffic and access is in that place, for the most part we did a whole lot of boogying around trying to tell everybody where they were supposed to be and part and load and unload equipment.

So DP community, the call went out and about just the right amount of people responded. I know everybody has an opinion about this event and how it came off but our task in this was simply security and this team would do it for anybody in this movement. I guess that's always the most rewarding thing for me. We come in as volunteers from all over the nation and we leave as a team. Thanks, community, for your support.

Anyways, that's the short report from my angle.

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