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Things about to get real up in the RNC

RNC Delegate for Ron Paul, Andrew Dellinger reports:

Ron Paul entered the room of the Republican National Convention with a lei given by the Hawaii delegation. The crowd erupted in chants for "President Paul." Fox News' Megyn Kelly cut her segment short because she could not be heard over the chants for the presidential contender. They are now chanting "Let Him Speak!" We were marginalized and overlooked and underestimated for too long. We responded by taking over conventions at the state level, organizing the greatest grassroots network since the American Revolution and spreading a message that would change the tone of the GOP. It's been 15 minutes and the chants have not stopped. I have never been so proud to be a part of something in my life.


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Delegates, Do Not Rest

Keep Pushing!


WTFFFF!!!! Boehner, Roberts rules my ass.

please register on the

please register on the website!

I cant hear any RP chants

I cant hear any RP chants :(
Hopefully I have bad hearing

RP 2012

You Missed it

It was when Ron Paul first walked onto the convention floor!

It was loud and it was clear.......Wonderful to see him and wonderful to hear!

I think that's because

I think that's because delegates have been instructed to act with decorum and dignity so they're not ejected.

I'm watching and listening to

I'm watching and listening to the preliminary stuff now and the mention of Romney/Ryan isn't getting that much applause.

Behind you all the way, here in Michigan!

Thanks for the report! and all you do for liberty.

Free includes debt-free!