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RNC a Microcosm of Corrupt America

It was business as usual at the RNC today as the delegates began to arrive. First they had to enter through a sea of secret service, blackhawk helicopters and over one thousand cops. Protestors were kept in check in gulag zones and yes the TSA was there as well! The RNC is simply America writ small.

Endless cheating at the ballot box, corrupt new laws for their own benefit, throwing away the rules (their constitution) and doing whatever it takes to stay in power, what the RNC is doing is just exactly what their elected people do in Washington DC. Abuse of power? You betcha! Stuffing the Ballot Boxes? It’s down to an art form. Control of the media? In spades. What we are really watching is all the criminality of Washington now made possible in a city state of terror.

Just like the Patriot Act and NDAA which took away all Americans consitutional rights, they have a new super amendment to grant the committee the right to designate all delegates. And never again will the will of the people be able to manifest because now they have re-designed the process to be top down. The “party” will appoint it’s underlings. Now where have we seen that before and why does the phrase “Mao Tse Dung” keep pouring into my head?

In fact, if you really want to the correct model for the RNC think not to China but to North Korea. Romney is their “Feerless Leader” in fact they even officially scheduled him to give his acceptance speech even before the vote? Why? Well of course we all know that the votes don’t matter and it’s all rigged!

Following the Soviet model, the protesting citizens – delegates from Iowa, Maine, Oklahoma, etc – were sent off to the Gulag – aka the bleacher seats waay in the back. At the Georgia delegate morning meeting, the REFUSNIKS for Paul were required to stand while the whole room shamed them. How dare they believe in the consitution and freedom. How dare they! “Georgia has had a united vote since 1908″ she sneered like Emperor Palpatine. One could almost hear “From here, you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance and the end of your insignificant rebellion.”

Is it really over? Can liberty and freedom and everything we fought for in 1776 be squashed like a bug simply by stuffing the ballot boxes, controlling the central committee, and the media? I guess it can! But the rebel attack will begin after his coronation, and there is no way that he will win. Evil never does. How do you defeat an enemy when your votes and the ballot box has been corrupted, when the media lies daily and everything it seems …

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