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Video Update: Floor Fight! Boehner Just Cheated!

Originally posted 2012-08-28 15:39:13; Video added 8/29 21:17pm


The RNC just passed new (rotten) rules but the AYES DID NOT HAVE IT.

Boehner said it passed but it certainly was NOT CLEAR that it had.

THIS is how the GOP ramrods crap through regardless of the will of those voting.

Boehner and Preibus are RATS.

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Video: The Teleprompter Had Results Before the Vote Was Taken!

Here's another thread someone made with an incredible video filming the teleprompter Boenner was reading from.


The telepromper already had "the ayes have it" written on it before the vote was taken. When the people actually did do a voice vote it sounded pretty dead even, but Boenner just went ahead and read the fraudulent, pre-scripted results.



USA! Got Cheated!

USA! Got Cheated!

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Just Wondering

Why is it so important they ram Romney down our throats?

I will be fighting Mittens this fall

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But I smell a rat close by,
"Meeow, meeow, meeow" we smell a rat close by...

"Historically, revolutions are started by a select few, and are ignored by the mainstream for a long time — until they can no longer be ignored. That point has passed, and they can ignore us no longer". - Ron Paul

Btw, the guy who posted this

Btw, the guy who posted this video(not the DP post, the YT account) despises Paul and is defending Boehner and the party in all his vids. "The Republican Party is a private party and can do whatever they want, you guys are just sore losers"...Really? Quite the cognitive dissonance to defend something you admit has a despicable trait...

Please, most people don't know what cognitive dissonace means

Please use language that i and others can understand. i don't have the vocabulary that you, my good man have...Now, you have forced me to go look up the term on google...lol


Important please see...

Will Ron Paul Sign His Name For Write-In?

Because if he doesn't. . .he won't be officially on the ballot.

Regardless, I'm still putting Ron Paul on MY ballot - no question - no if's, and's or buts. I have the bumper sticker too.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

It would not matter at this

It would not matter at this point. Those who cannot write in RP should vote a 3rd party while the others should write him in. At this point it is just a matter of showing them the numbers they lost. GJ won't win regardless.

I Fully Agree UnKnown...

"At this point it is just a matter of showing them the numbers they lost."

I couldn't have said it better and to that end we have only TWO choices now:

1. WRITE-IN Ron Paul if your state counts it. You must research it.

2. Vote for Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket because like him or not, he is the closest candidate running on liberty principles.
Here are some facts about the Libertarian Party

1. Ron Paul ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988.

2. To my knowledge they are on every state ballot in November which means your vote would be counted.

3. They are the 3rd largest political party in the U.S.
The two WORST things we can do now is to either vote for Romney or not vote at all.

A vote for Romney would undo everything I have worked for the last 5 years and remember, if Romney wins it will hurt establishment republicans a lot more than it weill hurt us.

That's because we understand there is no appreciable difference between the two major parties.

They're just two heads of the same monster.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

GJ Isn't Even An Option With Me

I said I would write-in Ron Paul's name - I'm keeping my word, period. I don't care if he's not an official candidate on my ballot. . .he is the ONLY one who can save our great nation. Why would I vote for anyone else?

I will never vote for the "lesser" again.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

Thats what I'm hoping for....

Thats what I'm hoping for.... To have so many people not vote for the republican or democratic party. This would definitely make news. :D

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"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Thanks for pointing that

Thanks for pointing that out...

They've made a mockery of the whole thing

What exactly are they spreading to the world?

Theres got to be something

Theres got to be something mentioned in Roberts Rules of Order when the chair becomes incompetent, or in this case, a run away despondant.

I wouldve made a motion to add a rule that suggests: if the chair doesnt even give a rats ass about being fair, then he/she will be beaten on stage.

The chanting of USA to cover

The chanting of USA to cover up the objections by the many people who opposed this resolution makes me sick. Chanting USA to LITERALLY hide the fact that they are breaking the rules in an undemocratic way, shameful.

Are You Surprised???


How many of you still don't get it?

Remember "Meet the new boss - same as the old boss"? This jerk is as corruptible as Nancy Pelosi...and the GOP (Greatest Old Pretenders) is just corrupt as the Democrats.

Two-party politics have put men like this in power...and it's time you had a REAL reality check and become Independent - even better, become anti-establishment. Stop letting the Ron Pauls, Sarah Palins and Scott Browns corrupt your movement.

There is a REAL revolution, and its leader's name is not Paul - find it, dupes.

Be seeing you.

What I wonder is what would

What I wonder is what would have happened had someone gone up here to confront him directly and tell him he had no right to do that. Obviously they would try to have that person removed, but would the people have backed him?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I wish I could have seen

a better close up of him after his decision, but even at a distance, he looked like a pregnant nun all the way....He knew.

I watched from an iphone

I watched from an iphone stream where the person was on the floor. He did indeed know what he did. In fact the look on his face almost seemed like he thought the crowd was being indignant, mixed with fear. From the stream, the booing and such was a hell of alot more apparent, there is no way he misinterpreted. I do not joke when I say it sounded like there might be a riot.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

JFK was right

JFK: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.


Dirty trick #923

Shove all the no voters in the back so they wont appear as loud.

Thieves, Liars & Cheaters

The only thing that comes to my mind after watching this travesty of justice is what they said when we were kids: Cheaters never win - Winners never cheat.

Ron Paul is a WINNER. His honor, his truthfulness, his commitment to doing what is right, his dedication to our U.S. Constitution - puts Ron Paul leaps and bounds over these empty heads, hearts and souls in empty suits.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

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How could they rule without

How could they rule without calling division on something like that? They were calling division and nothing happened.

Long run

In the long run the Revolution will overcome. Look at how many hearts and minds were changed during this election season? As things get worse people will start to wake up. All those sheep will start losing their pastures and come to their senses.


This has been a phenomenal campaign.

Much better feeling about things compared to 4 years ago. This aint over either. Ron can't realistically run third party because he would be denied the ballot in most states due to "sore looser" laws... but he could be a VP pick for someone that has ballot access already.

Alternatives for myself abound, write in, pick a liberty minded type, or not participate at all.

Regardless, liberty is gaining huge ground, and the criminal cartels are being outed. Very significant already.

With Doug Wead around, who knows what unexpected good things might still come of all this.

YOu are truly in denial.

YOu are truly in denial. This campaign could have been run much better from the grassroots. This denial among Paul supporters is very painful to watch. You have been had! With Benton, Tate's and Rand's "strategy."

It's time to unite behind Gary Johnson!

Since the GOP delegates chose to vote AGAINST the Constitution by nominating Willard "Flip-Flop" Romney, it's now time we unite behind Gary Johnson. Yes, he's not as pure as Ron Paul but who is? Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states!

Eight states do not allow write-in votes and in other states a candidate must register as a write-in candidate for the votes to count. Gary Johnson 2012...the rEVOLution continues!