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The Real Mitt Romney

"Who is Mitt Romney?

Is he the business-savvy Washington outsider that he claims to be? Or is he tied deeper than he would have you believe, thus attempting to be the tip of the spear that forever rips the liberty from the souls of all Americans?

Whether you are anti-Obama, or just pro-any GOP candidate, you have likely spoken words, or heard and agreed with someone else’s words in defense of Romney and his flip-flopping (or, "natural evolution"), outsourcing, business-crushing, socialism-promoting, business and political careers. It always sounds kind of like this: “He took advantage of loopholes that were not illegal,” or “He says that the states should handle health care,” or “He listens to people and his opinions on topics changed accordingly over the years.” Never mind that every piece of evidence points to his requiring amnesty for some of his financial decisions, or his investment in Chinese companies that he openly admits “employed” young women working long hours for “the pittance they earned, living in dormitories with, uh, with little bathrooms at the end of maybe 10, 10 room rooms…(of) 12 girls per room with 3 bunk beds on top of each other…surrounded by a fence with barbed wire and guard towers,” or that he openly desired to make his health care a national program, or that he has evolved multiple times on several issues, apparently finding it difficult to discern who is giving him good advice and just trying all of them until something sticks."

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