52 votes

Final Delegate Vote Count at Convention

Full state-by-state results posted here: http://ingotnews.com/post/30435195767/complete-2012-rnc-dele...

Through all 56 states and territories:

Mitt Romney - 2061
Ron Paul - 190
Abstain - 23
Rick Santorum - 9
Buddy Roemer - 1
Jon Huntsman - 1
Michelle Bachmann - 1


The following states cast at least 1 vote for Ron Paul:

Alaska (9)
Arizona (3)
Georgia (3)
Hawaii (3)
Iowa (22)
Louisiana (12)
Maine (10)
Michigan (4)
Minnesota (33)
Missouri (4)
Nevada (17)
New Hampshire (3)
North Carolina (7)
North Dakota (5)
Oklahoma (6)
Oregon (4)
Pennsylvania (5)
Rhode Island (4)
South Carolina (1)
Texas (20)
Vermont (4)
Virginia (3)
Virgin Islands (1)
Washington (5)
Wisconsin (1)
Wyoming (1)

The following states cast at least one "Abstain":

Colorado (8)
Georgia (1)
Michigan (2)
Nebraska (2)
Nevada (6)
Oklahoma (3)
Texas (1)

Note: For Pennsylvania - he actually said Paul Ryan, but he must have meant Ron Paul, no?

Note: I had to assume 3 abstain votes from Oklahoma because they only announced 40 of their 43, 2 abstain votes for Michigan because they only announced 28 of their 30, 2 abstain votes for Nebraska because they only announced 33 of their 35 and 1 additional abstain vote from Nevada because they only announced 27 of their 28

Nobody abstained from MA...sad.

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wikipedia has 198 for ron

wikipedia has 198 for ron paul

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Whoa! hold the press!!!

Whoa! hold the press!!!

Don't know about ya'll but there was some really hot 70 yearolds

From the great state of balblablablbla.

And I wish I was there rocking their world to sh*tty country.


Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Some day you might be 70.

Some day you might be 70.

Can we disqualify Romney?

There's still time during the convention, surely we can figure out a way?

I keep saying

He is constitutionally ineligible to be president of the USA because he needs two citizen parents and he only had one. That's grounds for disqualification. But I guess the constitution is either dead or dying right before our eyes.

Keepin' it real.

Even if that is the correct

Even if that is the correct interpretation of "natural born citizen", I think that is a part of the constitution that needs amended.

It should be clear by now that there are politician who fit your criteria, but still put the interests of other countries ahead of ours. I have relatives who were born outside of this country who love this country and would make much better presidents.

Naturally, I think the age requirement should be removed as well.


Romney and Obama's POLICIES ought to be enough to keep anyone from supporting either one of them.


Happened to the Massachusettes Patriots! Did they all run away like cowards?

No, they followed the rules

Like they promised they would.

Thanks Ingot!

For running the tally!

26 states or territories gave at least 1 vote to Ron Paul

What on Earth is wrong with those other 29 states or territories!?!?!?!?!?

Delegate from Virginia blocked from entering are on the bus

The Virginia and Rhode Island delegations are apparently being blocked from entering the Republican National Convention. They're keeping us all on a bus and not allowing us in the security perimeter.

Please share this news with your friends.

-Chris Stearns, Delegate from Virginia on the bus.

So close!

Better luck next time :/

Sorry, there will be no next

Sorry, there will be no next time...

190 delegates for Ron ...

190 delegates for Ron ... LoL
Let's count the original, ELECTED delegations whose pluralities were unilaterally removed by the RNC.

As I've said previously, the RNC is a FARCE along with its nominee, Mitt Romney.

My anger doesn't lessen, it just grows. I've haven't watched anything from Ron or his campaign for months. I've moved forward in my support for constitutional candidates...

Football analogy

It's hard to win when the referees are wearing the uniforms of your opponents.

Insanity Abounds

I've just been told on Twitter: "then I guess you'd better get behind Mitt or their [sic] is no future, read Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged." I've already told her that I've read it countless times (probably around ten times in reality). Which character in Atlas Shrugged do you think Romney best represents?

Ayn Rand novels are great

But I will also suggest Ayn Rand other non-novel books and original lectures by Nathaniel Branden (available for around $60 in mp3.)

There is also a full re-cap of Objectivism by Leonard Peikoff.

The books & lectures are important since RP, Austrians and Libertarians, in general, miss several big parts that explain liberty:

1) Natural law not as an axiom from god or nature, but as derived from reason; 2) Morality of sacrifice shared by collectivist left and religious right alike; 3) Critique of anarchism. All that had delivered a devastating defeat for Rothbard and his followers (outside his economic thought), so the Libertarians paid back by ignoring Ayn Rand or putting her down. But Ayn Rand shines through.


I'd have to say that Willard is Mr. Thompson. And Paul Ryan... Paul Ryan isn't in Atlas Shrugged, but if he was, he'd be kidding himself to think that Midas Mulligan would let him into Atlantis.

Obama is Mouch. So is pretty much every Republicrat congressman/senator.

I am John Galt.


I wasn't expecting the 7 from NC. That's cool! Zilch from Nebraska though?

What ever happened to the lawsuits that were filed in Oklahoma and Arizona? Or were there any lawsuits?

Two from Nebraska

Our state chairman refused to announce them.

What happened to totals for Romney and Santorum?

Not that I like them, but you had them up there, why remove them?

Just show all the data.



AP says

AP says it's official, has Mittens reached 1144? F**k!


Terrible. Obama got re-elected today.

Thank you Nevada!

Thank you Nevada for announcing the 6 states that nominated Ron Paul!!!

I really enjoyed that moment. I could feel the establishment

skin cringing all the way in CT; it was that palpable. heh.

So what's going on?

How could six states have nominated Paul when the delegate count shows there was only a plurality in three? Something is rotten in Denmark (I mean Tampa).

Nomination Process

You could vote to place a candidate into nomiantion even if you were bound to someone else. In fact you could do this for multiple candidates. That is how states like Oregon (my state) could have a plurality of delegates voting to place him into nomination even though the state voted for Romney.

I was watching for that as well

I know I heard the Virgin Islands were going to nominate him, but then all but one voted for Romney.