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God Bless the Ron Paul Revolution

Let the world know today especially all Tea Partiers, Occupy, political activists--all who all claim they've awaken to the waste, fraud, corruption, and in general, or at minimal if you are meek, the decades old un-representation of We The People from the cowards in Washington DC that the tireless, smart, caring and bold men and women of the Ron Paul Revolution are fighting for, what might be the last fight, to preserve the dream our Founders had for this country when started over two hundred years ago. Pity those who sneer, quarrel, and deride the actions of these brave men and woman who are the purist example of what a patriot should be. Damned the pundits who, I have heard, amazingly think their actions are an act of selfishness, for they are wrong and I can concur that these men and women who left jobs, family, friends and leisure to do the dirty work that only the true patriot and lover of nation can only do, as this, to these believers and defenders of Liberty, may be, as events are currently transpiring, may be the last stand for any grass roots uprising that is grounded in the philosophy of peace.

To all political activists past and present that have missed the Ron Paul Revolution or are naysayers of our urgent cause, acknowledgement of this day is in order and a heartfelt thank you if you can reach deep within your soul.

God Bless the Ron Paul Revolution!

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