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Ron Paul To Cavuto: ‘I Have No Plans To Endorse’ Romney/Ryan Ticket

Appearing on Fox News’ Your World on Tuesday afternoon, Congressman Ron Paul reiterated to host Neil Cavuto the reasons why he has not officially endorsed the Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan presidential ticket and why he does not view vice presidential candidate Ryan as a serious budget cutter.

Cavuto began the conversation asking the outgoing Texas congressman: “You are backing but not wholeheartedly enthusiastic?”

“I have not endorsed the ticket,” Rep. Paul clarified. “I endorsed the principles I have been talking about … I endorse peace, prosperity, individual liberty and the Constitution. I am more intent on that than on the politics.

Asked whether he could leave the Republican National Convention without officially endorsing the Romney ticket, Paul said, “I am not intending to endorse anybody.” Cavuto pressed him on whether he has any “dog in the fight” between Romney and Obama, to which the libertarian congressman replied that he has no intention to endorse, and to put him down as “undecided.”


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