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We can still send a message to GOP and rnc

I've been getting all kinds of donation letters in mail
For Romney and GOP fund raising Instead of a donation
I enclose a note will not vote for another cheat or another crook
I'm done with the GOP I do this with every piece of mail I get
If we all did it the shear volume of mail like this
Should make them think or at the very least let them know we r out here
And not going away

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better idea...

load up the postage paid envelopes with shingles to full capacity. As mush weight as you can possibly stuff in there. This way they are bound to notice their postage costs skyrocket.

I do this too, I load up the

I do this too, I load up the postage paid envelopes with Ron Paul info.

Yes. Make sure that they know that they lost your vote.


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