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I pledge to do everything in my power to prevent Mitt Romney from being elected.

Since Willard Mitt Romney stole, er, 'won' the 2012 Republican nomination, I pledge to do everything in my power to ensure that he does NOT win the Presidency in November. I also pledge to ensure every candidate that endorsed Mitt Romney looses their office. On the flip-side, I pledge to help every candidate that refuses to endorse/support Mitt Romney, and every liberty minded candidate, get elected to whatever position they are seeking. Who is with me?

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Dan Rather Interview on the Republican Convention

This is a good take on why the convention seemed so rigged...Dan Rather interviewed and discusses the fall of American Journalism from the public trust to being influenced by government and corporations.


That is the important thing.

That is the important thing. The fight moves now to Senate and House candidates. We must elect a liberty-leaning Congress to control Obama, or, in the unlikely event that he wins, Romney.


They dont need any help

They dont need any help losing to Obama.

I'm with you brother. I will

I'm with you brother. I will not vote for romney even if hell freezes over.

Contact Paul Supporters in powerful positions

and get them to do everything in their power to stop Romney from getting the white house.


I don't think you'll have to do much!

frothy just said

he "shook the hand of the American dream" during his speech for mitt

The "American nightmare" he

The "American nightmare" he meant.

I'm with you...

Maybe we should question his foreign fundraiser, lying to the SEC, and Mitt and Tags involvement in that ponzi scheme. Get these issues out to the media ASAP.

It is not enough to just vote for Obama

We need to vote for the Dems at every level. The Republican Party
must be smashed to bits.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

I agree...

This is so sad that I will even vote for the Dem running for Congress just to term limit the neocon, dumbed-down, congressman from our district.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Let's say Ron runs 3rd party...

Sure, current conditions make a 3rd party run statistically impossible. However, should both parties' candidates be disqualified from the race in some way, a 3rd party candidate suddenly is a strong contender.

Romney's financials need to be exposed along with all other illegal actions he has taken, something as simple as handing out subs to voters which already disqualifies him.

Obummer's legitimacy needs to be seriously questioned and investigated. Wait, It is. Google Sherif Arpaio. Currently, no irrefutable evidence of genuine citizenship exists.

If people are now looking for a way to keep moving forward, those seem reasonable topics to look into.

Other than that, be peaceful, inspired, motivated, determined and focused on solutions to the problem—no matter how crazy the problem acts. Let's come together in creative and inspiring ways to get the message of true freedom out. We need a global Ron Paul-inspired solidarity movement.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I pledged to vote for the

I pledged to vote for the person I know is best fit to lead this Country a long time ago and that pledge will remain so. I will not give my single vote to anyone else. If I vote for Romney, thats one more stamp of approval and one vote more of a mandate for the still weak GOP and the same applies for Obama, not that there would have ever been a chance at that anyway. Ron Paul was right to try to re define the republican party from within and didn't back down as GJ did. Ive never seen somone face such odds with so much courage like that and is one of the many characteristics of leadership that gained my initial and continued support. No one else has earned that. Let the chips fall where they may, for better, worse or status quo.

ya real smart like obama

ya real smart like obama winning is any better.. since ron is officially so it seems so far id rather put gary johnson since that is still better than both.. then maybe consider moving out of this decaying country

We need an updated list on

We need an updated list on the front page of all liberty candidates still running for office.

I can not stop laughing.

I was just yelling this vow to a friend a few hours ago.
Your palpable earnestness just cracked me up for some reason.
For about ten years now the GOP has been one of my political enemies.
But this collusion between the Romney campaign and the GOP against the 2M Paulites really makes it personal.
Romney is trying to destroy grassroots influence. He's got to go, and the Party must be punished--- purged. Well, I've stopped laughing...

Votes Don't Matter!!!

In case you didn't notice, the people's votes do not matter. There are more free elections in third world nations.

We need to change it from the ground up. Start working.


2014 is in just 2 years! We need to start working!

After this joke of an election

I have decided that unless it is a ronpauler running for the little to big office I will be writing in Paul for everything from dog catcher to Gov.. from now on until I am gone from this earth.

me too


Everyone run for office or party positions!

From local delegates to President!

With the 2 million that voted for Ron Paul alone, we could fill EVERY position.



i pledge to save my energy for ron paul's next move

he already said he has plans to continue working with the grassroots after he retires.. i don't know why i need to keep reminding people here of that. i thought people here were supposed to be more informed.

Ron Paul 2016

This is the song the never ends, it goes on and on my friends.

I'm in! never in my life have I know so many wonderful liberty minded folks.

Free includes debt-free!

Yep, sounds good to me! The

Yep, sounds good to me! The pope is way older just to compare, in case anyone brings up the silly age issue. Mentioning that silenced my relatives who sometimes parrot whatever the media says.

I will do everything in my

I will do everything in my power to expose Romney and Obama as special interest controlled products of a corrupt system!

I hear what you are saying.

I am with ya. To those who say they may just sit out and not vote. Please vote...I don't care who you vote for, write in, whatever, but not voting is not an option. Please. Just imagine if all the people who don't vote, voted. It could change things. It shows unity. Please vote. It may take a generation, but we must keep at it. Not voting is giving them what they want!

Here's an idea: OPT OUT

Don't kid yourself that any kicking and screaming you do FOR or AGAINST either Romney or Obama will change anything.


- Keep your Republican party affiliation until election day

- Write in Dr Paul or vote Gary at the polls

- THEN drop your Party Affiliation.

Best message sent to the Republican Party is to have their voter rolls immediately *plummet* down by 15 to 20% right after Romney loses the election.

Because he will.

They'll know who it was from.

Then sit back and wait for the Shit to hit the fan economically and politically over the coming months. Shouldn't be long ..

They [GOP] won't care. They think us powerless.


Free includes debt-free!

A 15 - 20% drop in the registered base IS power

A massive defection from the Republican Party in this situation is the *only* sure thing that clearly demonstrates power to them.

IF you are already invested in changing the party from within - if you are now a delegate, or on committees - or otherwise have worked hard to infiltrate and change the party ... that's different,

But for everyone else?

WHY would you want to be associated with what they are right now?

HOW can you justify the corruption and hypocrisy?

WHAT chance to you really think that your name on their voter rolls, giving them the numbers to promote what they do ... is going to really help.

No. Bail on them. Its what they deserve and its the right thing to do (for 90% of ua that just joined to vote for Dr Paul in the primaries that is)