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No One But Paul! NOT Gary Johnson!

Gary Johnson is NOT a non-interventionist.

He is pro-abortion.

He is wants a so-called "FairTax" instead of a FLAT TAX and a 23% sales tax.

He wants to legalize marjiuana but is unclear about legalizing other drugs except for saying to treat them as a "medical issue" instead of a crime.

He wants an "open border policy" on immigration to let anyone come in. A country without borders is NO country at all.

He seems to be very ignorant of monetary policy and has recently flip-flopped on the Federal reserve (to appeal to Ron Paul supporters? Hmm...).

Johnson is running his campaign in DEBT. Not so fiscally conservative of him, now is it?

He wants the federal government to FORCE the individual states to recognize samesex marriage. This is a CLEAR violation of the Constitution. Under the 10th amendment each state should be able to decide.

He supports keeping Guantanamo Bay open.

He said he would consider continuing to target SUSPECTED "terrorists" in the Middle East with drones.

He himself has even said he is not trying to win anyway.

More information:

Gary Johnson is NO Ron Paul. I am sure this post will get many downvotes from so-called "liberty lovers", but it is the truth. I am deeply ashamed of anyone here who has embraced this neocon. I had thought my fellow Paulites would have more sense than that - but apparently I was wrong.

I believe I donated to a moneybomb called "No One But Paul". RON PAUL is the candidate I have spent hours campaigning for, NOT Gary Johnson. RON PAUL is the one who has woken up millions of us and has fought as a lone voice in the US Congress for 30 years, NOT Gary Johnson. He deserves our vote. Johnson is a neocon masquerading as a libertarian - no matter how nice his words may sound - and I will NEVER support him. He may be slightly better than Obamney, but a vote for the lesser evil is STILL a vote for evil.

NO ONE BUT PAUL. Want to really tick off the establishment? Write-in the candidate they hate and have been fighting so hard against - DR. RON PAUL. No, this movement is not about one man, it is about an idea - which Gary Johnson does not represent.

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams


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Ok most of those issues he

Ok most of those issues he has no control as president over anyways.

He wants to end the wars. He has no control over abortion, he wants a flat consumption tax period but wants to end the IRS. Wants to end the Fed. Still he has no control over any of that as President. He has no control over legalizing drugs etc. etc.

Most things people make decisions over for the presidency are within congresses scope and not the presidents so it's irrelevant.

Hes the only guy on all 50 ballots making any sense. I don't agree with him on the tax either but it doesn't matter. It would be worth it to vote him in just to break the stranglehold of the big two and he would do a hell of a lot better then one of the big two puppets by a long shot.

The liberty movement constantly shoots themselves in the foot by stressing and infighting over things that don't matter and constantly looking for reasons to fail.

So here is what he could do. He could end the war in Afghanistan and bring troops home from around the world. He could appoint Ron Paul as Fed Chairmen LOL! He could start repealing executive orders and defund alphabet agencies. Could insist on a balanced budget and veto anything that puts us further in debt etc. etc. Just those things alone would be a huge turn around from the status quo.

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Katniss Everdeen vs. Ron Paul on Gary Johnson

Katniss Everdeen says, "I am deeply ashamed of anyone here who has embraced this neocon."

Ron Paul says, “I think he’s wonderful, and I think he’s doing a good job..."

I am no fan of GJ.

Even if he may be the better choice to many because of the other TWO
psychopaths that are on the ballot.

Ron Paul is My President

Critical Thinking For A Critical Time

I made a vow to fully support Ron Paul AND the DELEGATES. I REFUSED to dicuss GJ or any other candidate until Tampa was over. My focus was unwavered and determined.

rnc F&CK3D us with putrid tactics. convention is over.

Gary Johnson is not perfect. But consider the democrats and mccain republicans that I have spoken to and some number now supports Ron Paul. This was not an easy task - in fact it was painfully difficult. There is NO candidate that meets 100% expectation for 100% of the people. Democrats who absolutley REFUSE to change their lifelong party will consider voting Ron Paul in the general, whether he is P or VP.

You have a choice, based upon ballot access and who can yield the numbers nation-wide:

1. romney
2. obama
3. Johnson

Johnson will be difficult as it is. My hope is that we pull resources together and tilt the machine that is behind romney/obama. This alone will provide hope for future elections that the duopoly can be faught. People NEED to see this. Otherwise, we lose momentum, and they lose hope.

I will NEVER infringe upon anothers view or right to vote, but I will suggest that squandering now will make this effort 100% unachievable.

I wont rest until I see those morons ryan/biden CONFRONTED by Paul!

Ron Paul 2012!
GJ/RP 2012!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

De'ja' Vu

Come on people, we are all much better than this. During the debates everyone was critical, and rightly so, of the discussion centered around the political smoke-screen issues of abortion and gay marriage. now what do we have here..abortion and gay marriage.
State issues.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

What is sad is that you call

What is sad is that you call the argument for supporting the right of humans not to be killed a smoke screen.

Not to misunderstand

I don't call the issue of abortion a smoke screen, as I believe this is a very personal issue, that can only be resolved in individuals hearts and minds..certainly not politics.
I call the political tactic of raising this issue a smoke screen,
as gay marriage is also.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

I agree that many politicians

I agree that many politicians use it as a smoke screen.

With that said, it needs to be outlawed in every state. Killing someone is not a personal issue. If I decide in my heart and mind to kill someone, I go to jail.

Unfortunately this issue of abortion

is used politically to create diversion and take the focus away from the real political issues that need to be aired and resolved. As you no doubt witnessed in the recent campaign debates, for example. The reason it's used as a political ping-pong ball, is because it's a volatile and emotional issue, that illicits strong moral, religious and legal views. that cannot be successfully resolved from a political stand-point.
I personally am right to life, and that has and will never change, but I don't force that view on others, and I do consider there are circumstances that challenge that stance that can and do result in a moral dilemma.
A more simplified example being, during a medical complication, who has the greater right to life, the mother or the child.
Your perfectly correct, it's a state issue.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

egapele's picture

Maybe he should have said

"social issues" and if he did, he would have been correct. It's a very common political tactic.

I Didn't Know He Was for Open Borders or that he is in debt or

that he is not trying to win anyway. All the more reason for him to step aside for Ron Paul. Ron should be able to pick his own VP and I think Gary and Ron could work out a position for him. My vote is for Ron Paul either as 3rd party which the GOP does not want him to do (too bad) or I will write him in.


I disagree with "no one but

I disagree with "no one but paul" attitude but completely agree with the not Gary Johnson part.

Whose the non-Paul candidate you plan to vote for?

Romney? Obama?

I disagree with the no one

I disagree with the no one but Paul attitude because there can be other great candidates. Sadly, this current term it is slim pickins.

I agree with Gary Johnson on most issues. I won't vote for him because he is not pro-life. There are a few things that I can never in good conscience support.

At this point I lean towards writing in Ron Paul but not because I have a "no one but Paul" attitude but because I have disqualified the other candidates from my vote. My only potential option would be Goode but I wouldn't feel great about voting for him.

That reasoning puzzles me...

to be sincerely honest.

Murray Rothbard was puzzled by it too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP3CbxcDVzA

As far as policy goes, Paul and Johnson are the same on abortion - leave it to the States.

On the difference between Paul and Johnson on abortion, they use the same argument. Ron Paul makes the argument that if it's murder to kill a baby just after birth, then, it should be murder to kill it just before birth. Paul extrapolates "just before birth" to conception, while Johnson extrapolates back to the viability of the fetus. Both are valid arguments. The discrepancy exists in the definition of where life begins.

Murray Rothbard's argument

Murray Rothbard's argument doesn't apply here. There are issues aside from abortion where I don't agree with Gary Johnson but I could still vote for him. Abortion is not one of them. Abortion is a primary issue to liberty. "You can't have liberty without life."-RP

I have heard the same policy abortion argument with Gary Johnson before and I am putting it under advisement. The thing that concerns me is that without a pro-life conviction he won't even attempt to take on the issue, leaving millions of babies without liberty or life.

I can appreciate your dedication to the abortion issue...

but Obama and Romney are worse on it than Johnson.

One of the primary goals of getting behind Gary Johnson is to help the Libertarian Party achieve major party status for 2016. It will only take 5%. That's achievable.

It's not like Johnson is going to be the last Libertarian Presidential Candidate. The next one may be pro-life and be in a lot better position to win if we can somehow coalesce behind Johnson this go round.

Long-term goals are where real progress is made. Short-term thinking is for the Fed and other statists.

As far as I can tell, Gary has the same stand on abortion

that Ron does. Namely, that Roe vs Wade improperly took this decision away from the states.

Dividing the campaign over Johnson's personal religious beliefs just seems self-destructive to me when these won't affect policy. I would think we would benefit from presenting as unified an anti-Washington bloc as possible. I wouldn't want our votes to be scattered to the far winds and the movement subsequently ignored.

Roe v Wade was an interesting bit of work

The first part is about citizens and that opinion was different from the part that decided for 14th amendment citizens.

It struck me as bi-polar on the whole. I am not a legal expert. I was curious and that was my inkblot answer.

Free includes debt-free!

the idea of us going to a third party, showing in

great numbers, and then increase our leverage and force the two parties to change their platform--the idea isn't all that bad, but you miss something--if the destination we go to has DILUTED positions.. it's going to do just the opposite. the dissenter movement will dissolve and it will actually strengthen the two parties.

so no, i'm not against a 3rd party. just not a diluted one. i don't think even gj supporters are arguing that LP and johnson are NOT diluted/dumbed down positions, only that he is 'less bad' and that the need to move to a third party trumps all else, even if we had to go to a candidate that didn't read one single book on the fed.

like i said, no, "where" matters, not just "anywhere". a wrong destination will kill us.

Fuck off

kill the man crush and get behind Liberty, GJ is a friend of the Liberty movement an dhe can learn Austrian free market economics and politics, any one who says NO to GARY JOHNSON is PRO OBama and PRO Romney and PRO STATUS QUO!!!!

Liberty Individual liberties protected by private property rights , upheld by voluntary contracts, enforced by a small local government and the more complex the scenario, the more local it should get

The Philosophy of Liberty

Leon Battista Alberti

Francis Bacon

Johannes Kepler

René Descartes

Robert Boyle

Robert Hooke

John Locke

Isaac Newton

Adam Smith

THE FOUNDING FATHERS (Thomas Jefferson and Madison to be more accurate)

Frédéric Bastiat

Carl Menger

Eugen Ritter von Böhm-Bawerk

Friedrich Freiherr von Wieser

Ludwig von Mises

Friedrich Hayek

Murray Rothbard


"If you don't support Johnson, then you're a Romney supporter!! Oh, and you're part of a cult!" -typical johnson supporter

Liberty is your new buzz word. You'll vote for anyone who says "liberty" over and over in likeness to a santorum supporter who will vote for anyone who drones on about "family values". There is no liberty without integrity, at least in politics. Johnson is a pandering bumbling fool who doesn't understand the basic concept of the ideas he wants to implement. He's a utilitarian "pragmatic" (read: willing to bend over) typical politician. YOU can be a johnson lover if you want. Don't tell the rest of us what to do.

Youre an idiot, I have

Youre an idiot, I have supported Paul since 2006, youre a typical douche, I can run circles around you in Austrian free market politics and economics its about keeping momentum and not voting for the status quo.GJ wants Liberty he doesnt know the means of achieving it but he wants to do 90% of what we all wanted

fuck off kindly


Murray N. Rothbard - For a New Liberty The Libertarian Manifesto

Murray N. Rothbard: Libertarianism

Ron Paul - Discussing Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics

Ron Paul interviews with college students (Keynesian vs. Austrian Economics).flv


Dr. Ron Paul - Libertarian Presidential Candidate (1988)

Cost benefit analysis

Isn't "liberty". Gary Johnson wants utility not liberty. And real nice concept there, vote for someone who will head us into the right direction even though he doesn't get it. Sounds like what republicans used to say about Bush and are currently saying about Romney. And what democrats are saying about Obama. But it's okay as long as he keeps using the word "liberty" it's all good ain't it. Call me an idiot, but at least I ain't the sheep here.

Sheep? The fuck are you

Sheep? The fuck are you talking about?

who will you vote for?

Simple question and answer if you believe your hypothesis

Value is subjective, and we may think utility, he thinks its LIberty, but the best thing about Gary is he is genuinely a good guy, who wants "LIberty" but is not well versed in Austrian Economics politics, but out of all of us, who really even heard of it before 2007?

He loves Milton Friedman(not the best , but better than any Keynesian) which is a friend to liberty but prefers a scientific approach to each situation.

Principles are fundamentals to be used like a compass if you are lost in your decisions, I have principle of little to no government but if there is a scenario where in that action for FACT will benefit then the forum of free government is to weigh cost benefit analysis have how communities shall work.

True Liberty anarcho capitalism is far from achievable with so many in the government machine.

I'm not voting

I can function without a candidate; Good candidates only come along so often. Ron Paul himself has only endorsed 3 people for POTUS since 1976. You seem to be so desperate for a candidate that you will accept a fraud. My problem with Johnson is that he is not only clueless on issues he advocates, but also his pragmatism. Romney is "pragmatic" and so is Obama. Combine pragmatism with a clueless candidate and you have a disaster. Case in point:


This is coming from someone who is running for POTUS.

Desperate for a candidate??

Desperate for a candidate?? Man you are fucked and a child I cant even read your replies, do you not get the point yet media attention!!!!

Pull your head out of your ass if you need a leader you will get a master.

Now move on to reason and quit being a douche, you take none of my points you just talk no wonder you are a fool.

Johnson wants to audit the fed, (Romney Obama dont)your pragmatic theory doesnt work here 2 different philosophies with 2 different out comes

Yes Gary is a half wit LIbertarian Im aware, if you dont vote, I can appreciate that since its rigged any way, but you prove their "point" propaganda that a small minority want Liberty instead of engaging the system to expose it, the fact RNC was corrupt was shown because we engaged if we werent there with video it would be more of the same in public opinion unaware and being steered.

dont vote fine just keep spreading the message but if you dont want in and dont want to fight

I leave you with this quote

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
― Samuel Adams

I think Johnson is trying to make Liberty more palatable

to the voters by reminding them that government programs never provide the benefits their backers promise, despite the "best of intentions".

Most people can't be sold on Liberty as an abstract good unto itself, they need to be shown that "Freedom Works".

Hear, Hear


Daily Paulers doing what Daily Paulers do...

SQUASHING DISSENT. Aren't you outraged that this happened to the Paul delegates at the RNC? That their dissenting opinion was discarded? And yet you people do it all day, every day on this forum. I'm not a Ron Paul worshipper. I want to end the two-party dictatorship. And some of you can't seem to get past the fact that the GOP nominated Romney. BUT YOU'RE NO BETTER.

It was NEVER about Ron Paul the man. It's about a movement that is counter to what we have now. Gary Johnson isn't perfect. Ron Paul isn't perfect. But they're a cut above. And that's what we need.

So go bury your heads in the sand. Personally, I won't be posting to this forum anymore. It's impossible to have a dissenting opinion without a swath of downvotes and uninformed, emotional flame-spraying.

Ron Paul DID NOT get the nomination. It sucks, but it's reality. And you can't change the world living in an alternate universe where Ron Paul's lawyers magically get him the nomination 2 days before the general election.

Good luck, Daily Paulers. Good luck uprooting Boehner and his party bosses for the sake of saving something that's only an name... Republican. I'm in a new party, and we'll be working to change the system truly from the inside out.

YOU ALL ruined this forum by changing it from Peace, Gold, and Love to a cult worship of a man. Ron Paul would be ashamed.