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Ed and Ethan 2X3.5 August 28, 2012


The voice of Liberty in Canada!

The panel speaks to xenophobia in La Belle Provence! Are people in Quebec buying into the xenophobic messages of certain political personalities? Do these messages carry any weight or are they just huffing and puffing for show?

Canadians are apparently common users of an online network known as the Silk Road where you can buy several illegal products anonymously. Is this cause for concern so far as those in the hallways of power are concerned?

Finally, can we patents pants? Lululemon is suing Calvin Klein over a waistband design that they say makes their pants unique and protected by intellectual property laws. The panel looks at what this does for consumers and pant producers alike.

We welcome panelists Katrina Chowne from Vancouver, Jarrod Lachance in Winnipeg, and Tim Moen with Fort McMurray Alt Media in Alberta.

After the panel explore ideas, Ed and Ethan take a chance to quickly talk about some of the more humourous and quirky things of the past week.

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